February 27, 2021
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Page 199

Dornier Do328T Package
14.73Mb (5805 downloads)
FS2004 Dornier Do328T 32 seat twin turbo-prop regional airliner. All new model with full moving parts, doors with airstair and animated pilots. Accurate and pleasant flight dynamics. Fully modelled interior. Full documentation including manuals and check/ref lists. Custom panel and VC with digital (glass cockpit) gauges, custom sounds. Complete package for FS2004. Three liveries included, Sun-Air Denmark (BA),Central Mountain Air (Canada)& AMSA (Australia) . More liveries and paint kit available at www.premaircraft.com By Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design.

Posted 2010-04-25 18:47:29 by bob.may@premaircraft.com
FS2002/2004 Corsair Airways Beech C45
13.41Mb (1739 downloads)
In the early 1950's Corsair Airways purchased 10 war surplus Beechcraft Expeditors for inter-island routes in the Carribean. Some of these planes also flew smuggling runs with cargos of Rum and other contraband and one was even captured by Castro's forces during the Cuban revolution. Proven reliable workhorses, the remaining 9 are still in service today. Original aircraft by F. Giuli, repaint and sound by Don Brynelsen.

Posted 2010-04-28 15:55:27 by Don Brynelsen
FS2004 AVTEK 400
1.79Mb (3007 downloads)
FS2002/FS2004 AVTEK 400. The Avtek Type400 was a prototype turboprop-powered business aircraft developed in the United States in the early 1980s. It was of ususual and distinctive configuration - a low-wing monoplane with two pusher engines mounted above the wings, and a large canard mounted atop the forward fuselage. The aircraft's sleek, futuristic design earned it a guest appearance on the Airwolf TV series and movie "AVIATOR". The structure made extensive use of advanced composite materials throughout. by Kazunori Ito.

Posted 2010-05-01 07:44:22 by Kazunori Ito
PZL M-18A Dromader DDR Interflug
13.67Mb (4409 downloads)
FS2004 PZL M-18A Dromader DDR-TMS Interflug Tis is a complete aircraft. This agriculture machine first flown in 1976, the M-18 series has been approved and exported to several countries. Designed by Jan Moravec. Repaint by Ingo Schwan.

Posted 2010-05-01 10:12:14 by Ingo Schwan
Scheibe SF 25 C - Esslinger Falke - Motorglider Package
7.86Mb (3308 downloads)
FS2004 Scheibe SF 25 C - Esslinger Falke - Motorglider "D-KOII" Version 1b, May 2010 Sports a high resolution fully operable virtual cockpit, possibly the first ever choke simulation in FS as well as some seemingly familiar instruments with rather unusual modes of operation, plus audible switches, buttons - and side windows. Full checklist in English and German, almost identical to the real plane's. Flight characteristcs and aircraft operation closely tuned to the real bird. Usable as procedure simulator within the limits of Flight Simulator. By Wolfgang Piper, Mathias Elsaesser and Doug Dawson

Posted 2010-05-03 10:54:45 by Indigo Blue
C-54B Millardair Textures
4.58Mb (724 downloads)
FS2004/FSX C-54B Millardair C-54B C/N 10464/195 as C-GQIA, mid 1980's Millardair flew the venerable C-54 from 1972 until 1990. They were reliable, sturdy, and didn't complain about the cold! Original aircraft by Jens B. Kristensen. Requires JBK DC-4 V2.1 Repaint by Dan McManus
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/static.php?ID=66&page=20

Posted 2010-05-03 12:06:53 by Dan McManus
FS2004 RCAF Beech C45F
14.87Mb (1310 downloads)
The Beech Expeditor presented here in two liveries: A Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft based on a single engine Beech trainer, and a privately owned aircraft based in Maine. Original FS2002 aircraft model by F. Giuli, repaints and sound by Don Brynelsen.

Posted 2010-05-03 12:07:48 by Don Brynelsen
FS2002/2004 Beech C45F Executive Transport
13.35Mb (1352 downloads)
Like many other surplused out military aircraft, the Beech Expeditor saw service in the private sector after the war. This represents a C45F converted for use as a corporate aircraft in the days before business jets. Original aircraft model by F. Giuli, repaint and sound package by Don Brynelsen.

Posted 2010-05-03 12:14:04 by Don Brynelsen
Next Generation Aircraft Design Twin Javelin
11.42Mb (1578 downloads)
This is the twin-engine Javelin by Next Generation Aircraft Design. It can cruise at 315 knots while flying across the United States. It seats four, and plenty of baggage. It is one slick customer! It is one of several models I have built. More aircraft are coming soon!

Posted 2010-05-05 16:47:22 by David Sommerfeld
Next Generation Aircraft Design Javelin
673.01kb (1284 downloads)
This is the single-engine Javelin by Next Generation Aircraft Design. Not to be confused with its sibling, the twin-Javelin. It can cruise at 255 knots while flying across the United States. It seats four, and plenty of baggage. It is one slick customer! It is one of several models I have built. More aircraft are coming soon!

Posted 2010-05-06 19:17:21 by David Sommerfeld

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