September 22, 2020
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Page 44

30.53Mb (15849 downloads)
FS2004 Bell UH-1V Huey Wisconsin National Guard The 832nd medco (AA) discontinued use of the UH-1 in may of 2009 This package includes 3 aircraft, with more to follow. Thank you to the men and women who flew and maintained this wonderful aircraft for the state of Wisconsin for 38 years. original model: Deane Baunton repaints: Andrew Becht.

Posted 2009-07-01 22:46:35 by Andrew Becht
Bell UH-1H Huey Dept. of State
10.7Mb (6447 downloads)
FS2004 Bell UH-1H Huey Dept. of State The Department of State maintains a large fleet of "Huey II" helicopters around the globe. one of their main missions is drug eradication. Aircraft 622 is a Huey II that wears a desert camouflage paint scheme for operations in Afghanistan. original model: Deane Baunton Repaints: Andrew Becht.

Posted 2009-07-03 12:07:35 by Andrew Becht
Bell 206 Austria Air Force Textures
1.61Mb (1129 downloads)
06 Austria Air Force Textures only for the default B206.

Posted 2009-07-11 05:55:00 by benimix
Bell 204B Austrian Airforce Textures
366.89kb (1469 downloads)
Bell 204B Austrian Airforce Textures. Requires the Bell 204 by Lynn Rogers.
Needed files: ..

Posted 2009-07-11 07:20:34 by Uploader
EC-135 German Marine Textures
1.29Mb (1777 downloads)
EC-135 German Marine Textures. A Repaint of Heiko Richter's original Eurocopter EC-135
Needed files:

Posted 2009-07-11 19:40:51 by benimix
A109BA Medevac Textures
966.57kb (1158 downloads)
Medivac Gmax A109 textures for the Alan Devins Agusta 109 Package.
Needed files:

Posted 2009-07-12 08:48:49 by Robin Corné
Bo-105 IFA German Rescue
15.86Mb (9564 downloads)
Bo-105 IFA German Rescue. Original is model by Güther Krämer

Posted 2009-07-21 05:54:35 by benimix
Bo-105 DLR Textures
818.82kb (1195 downloads)
This is the texture for the Bo-105 by Güther Krämer. DLR is a German institution for weather research. Requires the Bo-105 model above.

Posted 2009-07-21 17:24:53 by benimix
Airwolf & Redwolf
5.01Mb (10070 downloads)
Original Gmax model by: Alan Devins. sound/panel updates by: Bas Wolswijk, Christian Jürgens. Turbo update by: A.Meyer. Redwolf repaint by ShaneG. This is the most 'true to the show' version of Airwolf I have been able to find and assemble. Enjoy!

Posted 2009-07-22 08:18:33 by ShaneG
Bo-105 Canadian Coast Guard Textures Only
10.59Mb (2443 downloads)
4 sets of textures for the Bo-105 by Güther Krämer. Requires the Bo-105 model. Repaints in Actual Canadian Coast Guard liveries by ShaneG. Includes : C-GCFT / C-GCHU / C-GCHX / C-GCFX
Needed files:

Posted 2009-07-22 10:59:50 by ShaneG

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