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FS2000 aircraft - USAF Lockheed Martin F-16C clear USAF Lockheed F-16C Fighting Falcon v1.50 clear - Without drop tanks, pylon and missiles. By Giuseppe Chiacchietta (Bepino). 651K

FS2000/FS98 SR-71 Blackbird Origional : Rod Conklin Upgrades : Mark "sylo" Harrison FS98 SR-71 Blackbird with new 3D wheels and moving retractable undercarriage. From the origional by Rod Conklin and modified by Mark "sylo" Harrison. 1.3MB Download here

ead a review here


FS98/FS2000 Convair B58 Hustler. This must be the most complex add-on for FS ever. It took the authors 10 months to creat. Full package with moving parts sounds & a complex high quality panel. 2 part download. Stored on different server as 1st time posting sent our main server down! By Flight Sim Developers. BEWARE : HUGE file!

Part 1aircraft & sound files, 6.4mb (or here)

Part 2 panel 4.4mb (or here)

Team : J Goldman, R Kirkland, M Hambly, G Schmidt, A Bashkatou, L Teale

FS2K USAF Northrop T-38 Talon. File size 68093. P Hartle, P Robbins

FS2000 F18Suk2k Package. This version of this aircraft has been brought up to date from the McDonnel. Douglas F/A-18A VFC-12. The F18Su2k has textured exterior paint, moving parts, centerline stores for extended range and sounds. The panel has five switchable MFD's and uses the FS2000 GPS. Most of the gauges are from FS2000 default aircraft. The rest are from military aircraft Also includes options for GPS98 and instructions for using GPS98 with default aircraft. By John J. Schumacher. File size 2272112

FS98/FS2000 Convair F-102A Delta Dagger aircraft/panel package. Convair's F-102 Delta Dagger interceptor entered USAF Air Defense Command service in May 1956 as the world's first supersonic all missile/rocket armed all-weather interceptor. This model represents an F102 of ADC's 4780th (AD) Perrin AFB. This model has an instrument panel included, landing lights, moving parts and canopy raises when engine is off. Aircraft and paint by Larry Haines. Panel and flight dynamics by Michael Druzolowski. File size 1023842


F18-Suk package for FS2000 Existing to enhance the combat effectiveness of America's combat aircrews. The aggressor squadrons simulate potentially hostile air forces. The two tone paint scheme simulates the look of the Su-27 and/or the MiG-29. The aircraft dynamics have been designed in "FS2000 format". The model has textured exterior paint, moving parts, centerline stores for extended range, and sounds. The updated Gen2f Panel has 5 switchable MFD's and uses the FS2000 GPS. The gauges are from FS2000 . The HUD is made from fs98 Military aircraft gauges. I have also included options for GPS98ver3, and instructions for Using GPS98ver3 with default aircraft. This package replaces F18suk2k.zip by John J Schumacher. File size 2548758


FS 98/2000 & CFS GRUMMAN F-14A TOMCAT with sound but no panel.- Jolly Rogers Special Edition r Includes Updated Moving parts F-14 By Dino Cattaneo. Original by Terry Hill. High intensity sounds for mach operations. Custom mixed and interlaced for extra smooth rpm windup and deceleration. Interior and exterior sounds are matched and balanced for realism. By Aaron R. Swindle. File size 4.6MB. IMPORTANT to read the MUSTREAD file for this aircraft.



FS2000 USMC F/A-18 Hornet of VMFA-451 Features retracting landing gear, flaps, and arrestor hook by Aircraft Animator. Working nav, stobes, formation lights as well as panoramic view of the pilot and panel. Realistic textures and can be landed on aircraft carriers. Designed with AF99. By Phillip Robbins. File size 189514



FS2000 Grumman F-14A Tomcat Package. This package includes two repaints (VF-84 "Jolly Rogers" and VF-111 "Sundowners"), FS2K extended palette,moving parts,custom panel and sounds. Reworked over a FSFS model by Kazuo Saido, soundwork by Aaron Swindle. Model rework, textures, panel, flight dynamics by Dino Cattaneo.. File size 4.5MB


FS 2000 - SUKHOI SU27B Specially designed for FS2000 ONLY, features full moving parts, Full 3d interior, GLASS REFLECTIVE Canopy, BMP Textures for accurate shading and colourand over 2400 parts... also EXITING Flight model that will do "Cobra" and TAILSLIDE" maneouvers. Created by PHOENIX SIMULATION SOFTWARE Ltd (freeware). File size 656084



'RAF Tornado GR1 (Gulf War)'. For FS98, FS2000 or CFS Modelled with AF99Quality moving parts, transparent canopy, 3d textures by Massimo Taccoli Textures By Robert A Fett. File size 159K