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FS2000 Professional Edition Grumman AA-5B Panel For use with either Grumman AA-5B Tiger or Grumman AA-5 Cheeta aircraft Design by William Nuttall
FS2000 B757-767 Panel ca7572kp.zip. Boeing 757/767 panel. Converted from my FS98 757/767 panel. Enhanced panel bitmap with 3D effects. Push back, removable yoke, new brake sound gauge, FS2000 start/shut down engines, and GPS, 1024x768. FS98 version had 5,772 downloads. By Chris Alevritis.
B777_200 Panel for FS2000 Uses the RealCRT TA-B777 (FS2000 version 1.2) Modified Gauges for real colors: MFD, Autopilot, backup instruments. Features 3 switchable MFD's with upgrade flexibility. Uses the FPDA Pushback, and also includes the FS2000 GPS Includes opions for the FS2000 format B777 (default) or, FS98 format B777's running in FS2000. by Flavio Tebaldi. File size 785595
FS2000 Learjet 45 revised & enhamced panel Design by David Durst. File size 621262
FS2K 3D ONLY ( Update Version ). PANEL BOEING 747-400. OMC'99. File size 607055

FS2000 Concorde Panel Concorde 3D Photorealistic Panel made from my own scan from a British Airways panel picture. Removable Visor/Yoke. Push back, brake sound. All FS2000 hot buttons are operable. The most accurate gauge placement. Readable gauges. 1024x768. By Chris Alevritis. File size 1244282

FS2K A-330 BETA VERSION - posted with the kind permission of designer Roy Chaffin. This panel has little documentation & is still in the development stage - however it should be useable. File size 2834734
FS2000 Panel for Siai Marchetti Sf260 - uses fs2000 default gauges + Chuck Dome's Stickhand moving hand. Marco Spada. File size 201997
FS 2000 Concorde panel.A Concorde modified main panel.Offers very readable gauges and improved outside wiew.Number of gauges reduced from 84 to 55.All default buttons are operable.FS 2000 default Concorde required. Panel by Jorgen Unschuld. File size 567465
FS2000 Boeing Wing View By Brendan J Dempsey This is a trailing edge wing view from seat row 18 of an Aer Lingus Boeing 737-400 series aircraft. The Zip file includes Left and Right Views. File size 370583