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Civil Jets Page 1
Paris Air Show Boeing 737-700. FS98 Aircraft This is the Boeing 737-700 "Next Generation" prototype in her specially altered Boeing livery for the 1997 Paris Air Show. Includes night lighting and landing lights. By Steve Bertrand. File size 133736
FS98 Boeing 747-222 Air Force One This plane is owned and operated by the United States Air Force. There are two of the Boeing 747's which are identical except for the tail numbers, 28000 and the other 29000. This plane carries the president, his family, and staff. Include aircraft and complete sound package. By Glenn Bach File size 1477565.
FS98 FedEx (cargo) McDonnell Douglas MD11. The largest cargo company in the world, is using its MD11 on long range flights to South America, Asia and Europe. The 18 planes joined the fleet between 1991 and 1993. Includes landing lights. Paint job by Carlos S. Risso-Dominguez, afx by Carlos S. Risso-Dominguez from Bill Alderson DC10. File size 143904

FS98/FS5 Boeing house/rollout livery B747-400 This repaint represents the way how the first B747-400 was presented to the world. Features all the flags of the major carriers who had already ordered to plane at that time. The FS-model is almost completly new design, features 3D wheels, cabine lights and landinglights/central fueltank (FS98 ver.) Design: Marcel Ritzema, House-livery: Marcel Ritzema & Rafael Zimmermann. File size 139560
FS98 Condor (German Charter) Boeing 767-300 File size 107549. M Tusche
FS98 - IAI GALAXY Super-midjet - v1.0 Israelian Aircraft Industry's last cration: the GALAXY bizjet. Carries 8 people on trans- continental routes at Mach0.75@fl 450 (Paris NYC without stop). Has two full Fadec 5,698lb Pratt & Whitney 306/A turbofans and uses the same critical wing of her sister, the ASTRA Spx. Features FULL 3D TEXTURED VIRTUAL COCKPI T and LANDING LIGHTS added with Lladd. By: Michael De Santis. File size 101223


FS98 Dassault Falcon 900 EX with panel. High quality. File size 418021. Christian Schweikl
Fs98 Qantas Airlines Intl. Boeing 747-400 VH-OJO with Rolls Royce engines. Changed engine mounts. Painted and modified by christopher Standen. email biff@sprint.ca Origional afx by Robert Randazzo. File size 114257
FS98/FS5 Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 V3.1 The "Berlin" is the flagship of the very modern fleet of the major German carrier. Detailed textures incl. the new star alliance logo. It's almost completly new design, features 3D wheels, lighted cabine windows and landinglights (FS98 ver.) By Marcel Ritzema File size 125166

Canadian Airlines 777-200 IGW Version 2 For FS98 Canadian Airlines 777-200 IGW with GE90-92 Engines. Canadian does not currently own a 777-200. The 777 is Boeing's newest twin designed to fill the load gap between the 747 and the 767. By:Kevin Sison File size 93343