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FS98 Mig 29 Fulcrum Luftwaffe Repainted by Manini Marc-AntoineFile Size 117717

FS98 Spanish McDonnell Douglas F18EF-18A 21-05 registration:C15-77. Since 1982, 88 F-18A are the main spine of the spanish air defence force, being deployed in three different air wings: 12, 15 and 21. Depicted aircraft, coded 21-05 and registered C-15-77 is based at Morón AFB joining 211th squadron. October 21, 1998 Spanish artwork and AFX modifications done by Sigfrid Roig from an B. Arnett´s original design redesigned by: I.Tahvanainen,and D.Mrawek Flight Model by: Chuck Dome FS98 version. Transparent cockpit File Size 299873

FS98 Dessault Mirage 3 Dassault Mirage III EE (111-3) Registration:C-11-5 In 1970 spanish airforce bought 24 Mirage III-EE mono-seaters and 6 M-IIIDE two-seaters to replace Sabre interceptors, joining air defence sq. 111 and 112 based at Manises AFB in Valencia. After 80,000 flying hours and 22 service years were withdrawn from service in october 1992. Spanish repainting done by Sigfrid Roig from an Paul Kimberling/ Joel Branchu original AFX design. File Size 255179

FS98 Boeing T45c Goshawk with Panel. Boeing T45C in Training Wing 2 Colours. Fixed a little HUD bug and and few gauges. Training Wing 2 , at Kingsville NAS Tx., actually flies T45A but their planes will be upgeaded next year.This is a repainted and somewhat improved version of Scott Shuford's Tailhook T-45,featuring enhanced textures, a new panel and checklists. By Dino Cattaneo. File Size 1042130

FS98 Grumman F14-A Tomcat Grumman F-14A Tomcat Pack for FS98. The Tomcat has been the standard US Navy interceptor for more than twenty years. This package includes a very accurate panel,VF1 Wolfpack & VF2 Bounty Hunters repaints and custom carrier sounds. Original 3D model by Terry Hill.Soundwork by Aaron Swindle.Textures,panel,package & aerodynamics by Dino Cattaneo. File size 2903008

FS98 B52 StratofortressThierry MATHIJS File size 83246

FS98 Aeritalia G.222 MOVING PARTS Aeritalia G-222 & panel for FS98 Detailed 3d model with: - Moving parts(landing gear,flaps,ailerons and prop) - virtual cockpit (textured) - very smooth shape (more parts and components than FSFS, more textures) - double instument panel (flight deck & nav mode) - custom sounds ANGELO MONETA. File size 1162997

FS98 Vulcan Bomber with panel Moving Parts Vulcan Bomber MR2 moving parts aircraft for FS98 Brand new model features ANIMATED Elevators, Gear, ailerons and speedbrakes. includes accurate "photofeel" Panel and Real Vulcan sounds. By Graham "Dotcom" Waterfield (FSD) & David LewisFile size 1850133

FS98 Boeing Goshawk T45C -.Boeing T-45C Goshawk Pack Version 2.00 Includes a totally new and highly accurate Cockpit 21 panel, custom sounds for both carrier and runway operations,three different repaints and extensive documentation about the real Goshawk aircraft. Repaints, panel & package by Dino Cattaneo. Sound by Aaron R. Swindle. File Size 2447068

FS98 MD Phantom 2 McDONNELL DOUGLAS F-4C Tail # 64-829 8th Tactical Fighter Wing "Scat XXVII" Col. Robin OldsFor Flight Simulator 98 Aircraft Designed by: Michael Gurezka Aircraft Repaint by: Mike Mendez Panel Designed by: Phil Perrott Package Compiled by: Mike Mendez File size 1089437

FS98 Air Service Ilyushin IL76 FS 98 Aircraft This is an Air service IL76 It works pretty well. Made by Jeroen Westram. File size 94937

FS98 Lockheed Galaxy C 5. File Size 121076