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FS98 SA 365N Dauphin, (alt. color) US Coast Guard. 2 color schemes. File size 90k each. I Standfast

FS98 Aero Med Aerospatiale AS 365n Dauphin File Size 125664. Ian Standfast

FS98 Aerospatiale Aerospatiale SA365N Dauphin/HH-65A DOLPHIN version 3 by Ian Standfast File Size 192452.

FS98 Aerospatiale AS 365n Dauphin File Size 635457

FS98 Aerospatiale AS350 SquirrelAerospatiale AS350 Squirrel, HKU for FlightSim 98. Bill Lyons. W Gholson. File Size 154816

FS98 Boeing ChinookBrand new fully featured Medium Helo Panel FULL Helicopter flight Dynamics for FS98! Complete set of STEREO sounds to match the aircraft! Opening rear door using spoilers switch! Static Rotors when engines shut down! FULL SUPPORT from Flightsim Developers! G Waterfield. File Size 595589

FS98 AS350 Eurocopter used by Channel 4, KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, CA.. B Lyons, W Gholson. File size 821753

FS98 USN Bell Jet RangerFS98 U.S. Navy Bell UH-1N The twin engine version of the Huey, as used by the U.S. Navy. Includes 2 versions of FS98 flight dynamics, special sound files, landing projector and a modified panel by Graham 'Dotcom' Waterfield. Freeware by Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim File Size 631823

FS98 RAF Sea King Rescue HelecopterFS98 Royal Air force (Valley) SH-3 Sea King Helicopter and panel. has FS98 Bell flight controls. Includes landing lights, strobes, and opening side door. by Tom Miller 6/1/98 File Size 184594

FS98 UN Hinde FS98 Mi24 Hind D of the UNITED NATIONS Ver.2 This attack/transport helicopter was designed for having a double usage: transporting 8 sol diers to the battlefield, and having first class-attack capability:a Huey and an Apache mi xed together in only one machine, which has n ever need for armed escort! This particular v ersion is deployed by United Nations in Croat ia for peacekeeping operations. VERSION 2 WIT H TRANSPARENT ROTORS!! By MICHAEL DE SANTISFile size 131007

FS98 MDD500FS98 MDD500/ Nardi Hughes GUARDIA DI FINANZA VERSION 2. One of the most famous copters a- round the world, it is small and agile and quiet as well. Version 2 adds REDESIGNED TEXTURES, FULL 3D VIRTUAL COCKPIT and TRANSPARENT ROTORS! by MICHAEL DE SANTIS Mardi Hughes File size 127475

FS98 RCAF Labrador CH113 Features include an instrument panel by Major Tom Mitchell, transparent rotor disks and an aft ramp activated by the "/" key.(Boeing Sea Knight) Rescue Full pack File size 1804980