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Boeing 737-500 By Eduardo Schuck File Size 570968
Generic four engine turboprop panel for Antonov AN-22 for FS98 can be assigned to any turboprop or jet plane the window is very large yet all the gauges are still readable 800 X 600 window - designed for a 14" or larger screen by Johan Crous File Size 731873
Piper Cherokee 235 Photoreal Panel FS98 Piper Cherokee 235 photo real panel. Actual airplane from Argentina (N number LV-LXX) Cherokee PA-28 235, fixed gear, six cylinder Lycoming, constant speed propeller. By Rodolfo F. Weskamp File Size 349015
Boeing 737-300 or 400 Panel FS98 737-300,400 Panel. A modification of Armando Weinberger's 737-200 Analog file and Olav Ronningen's 737 panel. It is intended for use on the 737-300 and 400 aircraft. It features a semi-glass cockpit along with fuel cutoff switches and an air conditioning on\off switch. By Ronan Francis Antone. File Size 1mb
Airbus A330Airbus A330 panel for FS98. Designed from detailed photos scanned from Airbus Industrie handouts The panel is very realistic and as photoreal as possible Panel design by André Steyn Bitmaps & Artwork by Christo Steyn File Size 1137602
Boeing 767/757 Panel v1 for FS98, by Paul Golding Re-work of a Eric Ernsts panel, now includes switchable HSI/ARC mode and removable yoke, more realistic engine gauge colours, fuel switches, landing gear wind noise, working autobrake, basic GPS and more. File Size 836758
Typical Twin Turboprop Panel This is a new panel for use in any 2 engine turbo-prpo aircraft. It is based on a free other panel and gauge from the net. I just aranged them for the better view for ifr\vfr flight. Its totally free for any one and any use. Enjoy Igal kaplan File Size 1003449
Typical 2 Prop PanelGENERIC(2prop) PANEL FOR DOUGLAS DC3 (upgraded version) for FS98 designed by Johan crous for the resiprocating version of the DC3.V1.0. Earlier twin engine aircraft File Size 1236522
McDonnell Douglas MD11 FS98 panel- McDonnel Douglas MD-11 caMD-11pnl. Photorealistic panel for the MD-11. NavDash ready, removable yoke, NO Smoking, Fasten Seat Belts switches with sound and more. Works with 3DFx/Monster3D.By Chris Alevritis. By Chris Alevritis.File Size 1471508. Patch for this file
Concorde Panel FS98 Panel - HSCT High Speed Civil Transport (conceptual) with GPS and moving map v/1.0 by David Giles. Designed for use as a four engine supersonic capable aircraft panel. Tested on a BAe Concord aircraft. Tested in all modes and 3D. This one's for you Jim. File Size 530207