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FS2004 Astounding Stunts Video This is a video of three stunts that involves three aircraft: an F-15J, Tu-154 and an Eurofighter Typhoon. All aircraft use their original .air and aircraft.cfg files. The F-15 uses an up and coming soundpack for the TLUK Sea Vixen. The F-15J does a Kulbuit (sort of a mid air backflip that the Sukhoi Su-37's do) The Tupolev does a roll at low level and the Typhoon hovers above the ground after Take-off. P.Savereux. 6.2MB
FS2004 Washington National (KDCA) River Approach Clip This a demonstration clip of a United Airlines Airbus A320 doing a River Visual approach on Runway 19 at Washington National (KDCA). I hope you enjoy! By Fahim Safi. 4.7MB
FS2004 F-16 Viper Video: Kirk Olsson's fabulous freeware F-16 available here. Scenery and Clouds: Default Video Capture: FRAPS 2.0 and Windows Movie Maker to put it all together. Soundtrack: "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode. 19.5MB
FS2004 Military Aircraft Video: Various freeware military aircraft set to music. WMV Format. . Created by Todd McKee. 23MB
FS2004 DSB/RAFv promotional Tornado F3 video. The RAFv is an established members only virtual air force using FS2002 and FS2004 that specialises in hyper accurate military air ops on a daily basis in a real time multiplayer enviroment. Aircraft by DSB, video by Bryan Mulheran. 24MB
Royal Armed Forces Virtual (c) Promotional RAFv/DSB Tornado GR4a Video. The RAFv is an established members only Virtual Air Force using FS2002 and FS2004 that specialises in Hyper Accurate Military Air Ops on a daily basis in a real time Multiplayer environ. Thanks to Jon Watkins (DAOCiNC & OC XIII Sqn RAFv), David Brice (DSB Design & OC A&AEE RAFv) and Bryan Mulheran (Video Producer & F/O 111 Sqn RAFv). "Rise Above The Rest". 34MB
FS2004 Vertical Take Off Video. Who said you can't take off vertically in Microsoft Flight Simulator. I gaurentee that this was not achived using slew or any form of camera tricks/stop motion. This video was recorded using the lockheed X-35B but can be veiwed using any aircraft (but it might look a bit silly with a Cessna). Place the VTOL.FSR file in the "myflts" directory in the "flights" directory. Then access through the "Flight Video" option on the main "options" menu. Copyright. Colin Thwaites. 29K
FS2004 Royal Canadian Airforce planes Video. rcaf_fs9_video.wmv: 1 min 40 sec video featuring some of the great Royal Canadian Airforce planes available from Simviation, thanks to all the model builders. Done with MS Movie Maker. Also featuring the unofficial national anthem by molson. Pilot and Cameraman: C-61ES Tim Staples. 15.6MB
FS2004 Vietnam War Series Video. Thank you for takeing the time to review this introduction film to the first in a series of historicaly based war games for Microsoft FS2004 Century of Flight. This video portrays senes from the FShosted game. Also real life pictures of the Aircraft used and addon Aircraft used. 5.1MB
FS2004 US National Parks Video. This is a Video that I made of some of the United States National Parks If you have 56k I advise that you download this at night Thanks for watching. Jared Stucki aka Allosaurus. 21MB