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Civil Jets Page 25

FSX Cessna 525 Citation. Cessna developed the model 525 CitationJet with the aim of expanding it's market share for business aircraft in the jet-powered sector. The CitationJet design was new even though there were some similarities in construction of the nose cone, cockpit and fuselage diameter with the Citation II and IV. The CitationJet made it's maiden flight on April 29, 1991. The FAA certified the aircraft for single pilot operation in October 1992 and the first delivery was effected on March 30, 1993. Created with FSDS2.10 and updated for FSX by John B. Loney, Jr. No VC. 9.2MB
FSX Boeing 737-800 Southwest Airlines Patriotic Textures only for the default 737-800. Textures by Kc Meyers. 8.8MB
FSX Airbus A321 Air Slovakia Textures only. For the default A-321. 2.9MB

FSX Boeing 737-800 1 Air Slovakia Textures only. For the default B-737. 1.1MB

FSX/FS2004 & FS2002 Boeing 707 Package (updated to include fix).Final version for the beautiful BOEING 707. Includes 8 textures. New GMAX MODEL, VC, passenger views, full moving parts, flexing wings, opening doors, sunlights reflects, etc. For FSX uses default BOEING 747'S PANEL. For FS9 and FS 2002 GAUGES NOT INCLUDED: you have to download MR. HELIO ESTRELA'S wonderful panel: "he707v1" here. Other files suggested: Smoke by Nick Needham and lights by Nick Needham, for lights and smoke effects. By Libardo Guzman . 33.1MB

FSX SP2 Citation X 2008 Package. Cessna's largest, fastest and longest range aircraft yet, and Cessna claims it to be the fastest civil transport in service other than the supersonic Concorde. This high speed cruise capability, which Cessna says is 105 to 210km/h (55 to 113kt) faster than other mid size corporate jets, means the X can save up to one hour's flight time on transcontinental US flights, flying from Los Angeles to New York with normal wind conditions in 4 hours 10 minutes. Aircraft created in GMax. Includes interactive virtual cockpit, full moving parts including leading edge flaps and passenger door. Custom sound set included. A second release developed for FSX-SP2. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SP1 OR FSX ALONE, ONLY WITH FSX + SP2. DX9 compatible only. FS2004 update included. Completely designed by Alejandro Rojas. 26.4MB
FSX/FS2004 Boeing 707-321 BWIA "9Y-TEX" Textures only . Requires B707X.zip and B707XFIX.zip (above). By libardo Guzman. 3.6MB
FSX/FS2004 Boeing 707-331 TWA N760TW Textures only. Requires B707X.zip and B707XFIX.zip (above). By libardo Guzman. 3.7MB
FSX Airbus A318-100 JMC. Original by iFDG. 3MB


FSX Boeing 737-800 Continental Airlines Textures only - Repaint for the default FSX Boeing 737-800 by Jon Murchison. 902K