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FSX/FS2004 ROC Fairchild C-119G (Taiwan) Air Force Package.Made famous by "Flight of the Phoenix" The flying boxcar has a full VC and great sound. working cargo door.Has two textures. model by Daisuke Yamamoto and textures by Heather Sherman. Repaint by Mike Huang. Based on blank metallic textures by Heather Sherman. . Presented by Ted Tod. 10MB

Fix: Fixes problem with gauges not showing up. 810K

FSX/FS2004 Beech D-18 Package. The best vintage radial engine plane that freeware has ever produced! Model has several paints full working vc. Awesome sound and flight physics.Note prop blur effect has been removed to be compatble with acceleration. Packaged by Nor-Cal Prop club. Original aircraft by Milton Shupe. 56.3MB

Update: Gauges fix. Addresses problems with the gauges for FSX. 6MB

Prop Fix. This will fix the prop for the beech D-18 Created by Ted .Sp2 /Xp tested. T & the Nor-Cal Prop Club. 391K

FSX AI Dash 8 made flyable. Have you ever wanted to fly the Dash 8? Well now you can. This package is an upgrade for the deafult FSX Dash 8 that converts it from an AI aircraft to a player flyable aircraft. This Dash 8 package has all of the aircraft files, so installing this package could never be eaiser. This package includes three liveries and a simple to understand readme. Please see the readme for more information. Please note: this file will work in FSX ONLY. Will not work in FS2004. Dash 8 package adapted by Braden Peter. 26MB
FSX King Air 350 Snow camo Textures only for the default King Air. 2.2MB

FSX Piper Arrow-IV PH-ANF Full package. Includes Virtual cockpit. By Rien Cornelissen. 4.2MB
FSX default Baron Peak Aviation Community Textures only. 929K

FSX / FS2004 Taylor H2 "Sezekly" Cub Land Plane: Modeled by Golden Age Simulations [Paul Corish, Gil Halpin, Keith Monson] This model recreates the H2 cub introduced by Taylor in the midst of the depression, when Continental ended production of the A-40 4 cyl 40 hp engine . This aircraft was powered by the 35 hp Sezekly 3 cyl radial engine. The model is complete with animated pilot and VC cockpit. Sound file by Sky Song Soundworks , Texture by Ted and repackaged for fsx by The Nor-Cal Prop Club. 11.5MB

FSX/FS2004 Christen Eagle II MegaPack. A two seat, tandem configuration unlimited category aerobatic airplane with smooth VC gauges and is fully spinnable in FS2004. Initial release features seven paint schemes. Features full moving parts and special openings. By the Long Island Classics Design Team. Sounds by Aaron Swindle.Marien Vierbergen. This 'Megapack' contains 33 textures by many artists that will get credit as they become known. packaged by the Nor-Cal Prop Club For fs2004 and FSX without service pack 2. Will work with with faulty vc & panel with service pack 2. 89.2MB

FS2004/FSX Hawker Sea Fury Critical Mass Racer. Sea Fury Critical Mass NX85SF is a highly modified T Mk. 20S and one of the most radical unlimited racers to appear at Reno. In 1987 it started at the Reno ramp as Blind Mans Bluff race number 88 due to be flown by lady pilot Joann Osterud. In 1993 it was bought,upgraded and raced by owner Tom Dwelle as nr 10 Critical Mass. Powered by a Wright 18 cylinder radial R-3350 , 3450 hp it goes up to 450 mph around the pylons. Complete plane by A.F. Scrub. 7.9MB

FS2004/FSX Critical Mass Racer texture fix. This fix corrects the top wing textures for Critical Mass. Replace Mdl, wing.bmp and thumbnail in the original model. Fix by A.F.Scrub. 1MB