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FSX Mitsubishi F-1 Package. This model includes updates and fixes. The Mitsubishi F1 Supporting fighter, which is similar in configuration to the Jaguar, is the combat version of the T-2 trainer. The model of four variations of Bomb(Mk82), DropsTank, Missile(ASM-1 and ASM-2), and Normal and the model for AI are a set. Gauge control was attained in the photoreal virtual cockpit. - visible. I found this great bird in my FS2004 collection & as it works fine in my FSX SP2 I have tested it & added thumbnail to make it easier for FSX users. Gauges: Nearly all OK. Click OK to allow gauges HUD: Problem & does not show properly. (could be edited to replace with another HUD) Glass: OK Thumbnail for FSX by Danny Garnier. This aircraft is not modified in any way. Full credit to the great talents of Daisuke Yamamoto , Hiroaki kubota (KBT) Toshikazu Shimizu the creators of this wonderful advanced aircraft. 25.8MB

FS2004/FSX Mitsubishi F-2A Type Package: Support fighter (defensive counter air, air interdiction, close air support, support of maritime operations) Configuration based on LM F-16. New co-cured composites wing of Japanese design, with greater span, root chord and 25% more area than that of F-16; tapered trailing-edge; slightly longer radome and forward fuselage to house new radar and other mission avionics; longer mid-fuselage and shorter jetpipe; increased-span tailplane; addition of brake chute. (beta release) . Full VC. Team FS KBT/ Hiroaki Kubota. 75MB Filename: f-2a_dko.zip

FSX IA-33 'Pulqui II' Package. Designed by famous aeronautical engineer Kurt Tank, the Pulqui II was one of the most advanced jet fighters in the late 50s, placing the Argentinian aero industry amongst the most advanced during those years. Unfortunately, political and economical issues killed the project that never went beyond the prototype stage. Model designed in GMax, includes moving parts, reflective textures and virtual cockpit. by Victor M. Astiz. VC Gauges: All OK. Glass: OK - visible. This aircraft is not modified in any way. Full credit to the great talents of Victor M. Astiz the creator of this wonderful advanced aircraft. Testing and thumbnail for FSX by Danny Garnier. 9.6MB
FS2004/FSX RAF Hawk T1a XX289 of 63 sqn 1991 Textures only. These textures depict the Hawk T1A painted in 63 sqn 1991 Colours IT USES THE UKMIL Hawk T1a for fs2004 here or fsx here. UKMil. 1.2MB
FS9/FSX RAF Hawk T1a XX159 of 208 sqn 1987 Display Textures only. These textures depict the Hawk T1A painted in 208 sqn 1987 display Colours. IT USES THE UKMIL Hawk T1a for fs2004 here or fsx here. UKMil. 1.2MB
FSX/FS2004 F-16C Viper Indiana ANG Tail flashes. This package contains "tail textures only" to represent the 122nd Fighter Wing (FW) Indiana Air National Guard (ANG) F-16C viper. This squadron is located at Fort Wayne. As a bonus, the disestablished 181st FW Indiana ANG at Terra Haute is included to pay tribute to the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway Race. Due to BRAC, the Terra Haute F-16s were redistributed to Ft. Wayne. The excellent "C" model viper by Kirk Olsson usviper.zip may be obtained here. Dana Eng. 1.7MB

FSX Gmax Mirage F1 Package. From the original F1 FS2004 Model by Kirk Olssen. This is a Gmax rework of my Mirage F1V2.0. It is a complete package with a simple 2D panel, sounds and With their permission, I've also included the gauges from Romain Lucas and Laurent Lucas's SUPER ETENDARD. There are 4 F1 versions within this package (VR cockpits are all CR models). They are the F1C, F1AZ, F1CR and F1CT. I've added all new textures, a new custom soundset and added many Gmax features to improve realism. One of the major improvements to this plane is the addition of an ALL NEW more realistic looking Virtual cockpit. There are 6 loadout configurations and 6 paint schemes. In the F1C models you can view the entire aircraft from the VRcockpit. Comments: Gauges/VC: Many gauges are incompatible in FSX and will not show in the VC/2d panel. Gauges warnings pop up but just OK all these each time. The aircraft is good enough to put up with this, IMHO. The VC has some missing gauges but is still a great flying experience. One day I hope to fix this VC with compatible gauges.Glass: - visible. All else seems OK. This is a payware quality aircraft! FSX Compatible & tested. Thumbnails added. by Danny Garnier. 45.6MB

FS2004/FSX Dassault Mirage IV P Package. The Mirage IV is a heavy bomber with delta wing conceived for strategic air force. His role within the air force was to assure nuclear dissuasion. The archetype of the Mirage IV performed its first theft on June 17th, 1959, as for the first aircraft of series; it performed its first theft in December 1963. In February 1964 the air force receipt this first copy. Later 9 companies of bombing as well as a company of education will be equipped with Mirage IV. The air base of Mont of Marsan, Cazaux, Istres, Orange, Creil, Luxeuil, Cambrai, Avord, Saint-Dizier, received these aircrafts, these could take the AN 21 bomb or a photographic container CT52. In total 62 aircrafts were constructed.Comprehensive high quality aircraft complete with detail components, full virtual cockpit, manuals, etc. By Roland Laborie, Jean-Pierre Bourbeois, Jean Pierre Langer. 82MB
FSX/FS2004 Dassault Mirage IV P volume 2 - 5 Extra Textures Package. By Roland Laborie, Jean-Pierre Bourbeois, Jean Pierre Langer. 67MB
FSX Aermacchi MB339 Frecce Tricolori Package. The old copy of "MB339_A_PAN" panel by Paolo Zamparo is presented in a new modified version compatible with the new FSX. The old incompatible gauges have been changed with a new compatible gauges and the red green and wit stripes (The Italian Flag) works perfectlly.Model, paint and pilot figure by Massimo Taccoli, panel by Paolo Zamparoand New Gauges, and New compatible vc panel by Danilo Mandolfo. 14.6MB
FSX/FS2004 F/A-18F VFA-11 Executive Officer's (XO) textures Only. This package contains the XO textures for the superhornet of VFA-11 Red Rippers, which may fly off the USS Harry S. Truman. The original Team KBT F/A-18 "F" model required and can be obtained here. . For use with Team FS KBT Model design by Daisuke Yamamoto. Flight dynamics and originally Painted by Hiroaki Kubota. XML(Effects) by Toshikazu Shimizu. Repainted by dmachoe with Team KBT permission. File size is 920K
FSX Yakovlev Yak-141.v2 Yakovlev Yak-141, a sovyet supersonic vtol aircraft. but i am affraid it isn't quite so with this model. unless you could do something to make it just like what it's supposed to be. This model comes complete with an uncomplete HUD and other gauges and virtual cockpit. well this is my second Yak-141 for FSX. It has foldable wings and HUD as well as some other changes from the first version. By Hadi Tahir. 3.2MB
FSX Yakovlev Yak-130. Yakovlev Yak-130, a subsonic aircraft trainer to replace the older L-39 Albatros, as I know. Yak-130 is designed for advanced flight training of military pilots, as well as for training them in combat tactics. This model comes complete with an uncomplete HUD and other gauges and virtual cockpit as well. By Hadi Tahir. 3.3MB
FSX/FS2004 F-15E Strike Eagle445th FLTS, 412 Test Wing (TW) Textures only. 86-0184 was the second Strike Eagle jet out of production sent to Edwards AFB, CA for testing of the engines, various weapons systems, and radar during the 1990s. It was featured at various open houses during the same period. This package contains the repainted textures only for Kazunori Ito's jet, which has a VC but no gauges, and can be obtained at http://www.simviation.com/fs2004military169.htm; the repainted textures only for Kimitaka Nishida's Coral-FLT F-15 Eagle VC Model Version 2.00, which is the "C" model (but, highly recommend the donationware version 2.3 for 2-seater model with VC & working gauges. Donationware jet from the Coral-FLT site only), and freeware version obtained here ; and the repainted textures only (with his permission) for David Bushell's jet, which has no VC, and can be obtained here . Dana Eng. 1.1MB
FSX Nimrod MRA4 RAF Package. Welcome to the UKMIL Royal Air Force Nimrod MRA4. This aircraft has been designed in GMAX for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. In this pack, you will get• 2 Versions.• 2 Texture Sets. See Docs for full specs & info. UKMil. 20MB
FSX SP-2 Acceleration General Dynamics/McDonnell Douglas A-12A "Avenger II" Proposed stealthy attack aircraft for U.S. Navy. Program never got past mock-up stage due to cost/weight overruns, and bad management. But in the FSX world, we need not think of those things... This FSX model has VC, folding wings, opening weapon bays, and opening refuel probe. Requires FSX Acceleration. Tim Conrad. 3.5MB

FSX RNZAF Strikemaster BAC 167 Package The BAC167 is an armed export version of the Jet Provost. Over 140 of these aircraft were built for a number of operators. Model, & panel by Nigel Booth. Sounds by Aaron Swindle, gauges by Saverio Maurri, & thanks to Rick Piper & Sean Galbraith. 9.5MB

FSX Lockheed SR-71A 17955. Original Alphasim SR-71 with 2d panel by Michel Polski. No VC gauges. 6.2MB

See VC update below

FSX Alphasim's SR-71 2D panel and Virtual Cockpit. This is a simple cockpit to make the cockpit of the freeware SR-71(above) usable. It will not be as high a qualility as I would like because Alphasim understandably strips a lot off the aircraft when they released it as freeware. With this being such a remarkable aircraft I felt it is worth the attempt. I hope you will understand. By Steve Hess. 4.2MB