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FSX Keyboard Commands (fixed). These are the final keyboard commands for FSX. Many are new due to the new features in FSX. Print them out (5 pages). You'll find that they will enhance your flight experiences with FSX. 6K
FSX Space 1999 Eagle From the 70's TV Series Space 1999. Finally FS allows space flight and it won't cost you 2 million to get there. - Absolute ceiling 550,000ft / 104 miles!! ran out of atmosphere. - service ceiling 400,000ft / 75.75 miles - V max 2168KIAS @ Sea Level. 3.7MB
FSX Cold and Dark Cockpit Mod. This file is a replacement for FS X's default situation file (which is dropping you off in mid air over some airfield, and the first thing you need to do after launching the flight is to gain control over your diving ultralight). The file puts you onto the apron of the very same airfield (this time in the default 172), everything is switched off and your tanks are empty. OK, but why should that be an advantage? The fact is, this file is used as a template or "skeleton" for any other flight being created by the "Free flight" option. So, if you want to get on board of your airliner next time, the first thing will no longer be to shut down the engines, but to switch on the battery switch :-) So, what this file really does is: Henning Schaefer. 5K
FSX 'Person' ground vehicle. An attempt to make a slow-moving ground vehicle for native Flight Simulator X, using stock gauges and CFG files from content included with FSX. Lets you view the new amazing FSX scenery, ground, and water traffic up close, plus it is GPS and autopilot ready. Everything is stock and everything is included, with instructions. Patched together by JayInAtlanta. 1.8MB
FSX Bomber Goes in Mission. Basically the old CFS2 Peleliu to Koror bomb run. NOTE: this changes the flour bomb to explode in all flour bomb missions and it will even leave a crater but not destroy anything yet - still learning mission SDK. Bruce.Fitzgerald. 671K

FSX Gauges: Pushback, Taxispeed control, etc. This archive contains version 5.0 of my "groundhandling" gauges, like automated pushback with conversation sounds, a Taxispeed controller using throttle AND brake settings, and more; it can added to any aircraft. New in V5.0: 1. Only for FSX !! 2. Accurate interworking with the new FSX pushback tugs. YES, finally :-) !!! 3. Reworked Brakes gauge. 4. Taxispeed gauge now has a built-in ARM function. Easy to install, and fully documented. By Rob Barendregt. 447K

FSX Gauges: Pushback, Taxispeed control, etc Optional Addon. This package is an optional addon to archive rcbgh-50.zip, and contains a solution to Open/Close the Groundhandling window via a permanently visible Icon. Prior installation of rcbgh-50.zip is required ! By Rob Barendregt. 70K

FSX : Bomb_C - Droppable payload An Alternative to flour bombs.. file goes in SimObjects/Misc , attached object = bomb_c in mission sdk effect goes in effects folder FYI- any .mdl file can be dropped if turned into a 'simpleobject' .. ever wanna drop a Volkswagen? Bruce Fitzgerald - N322DW. 43K
FSX : Mk82 500lb Bomb - Droppable payload An Alternative to flour bombs.. file goes in SimObjects/Misc , attached object = Mk82_1 in mission sdk Created By - Phill Stokes of FSXMission.com posted w/ permission by Bruce Fitzgerald - N322DW
FSX Log Book editor. This software is an attempt to decode and edit FSX logbook file format. For previous versions of Flight Simulator log books were editable text files but it has changed since FSX. 85K
FSX Airports and Navaids in Google Earth This zip contains all the airports & navaids for Flight Simulator X and includes all comm and nav frequencies, runway details along with any relevant ILS information. Extracted from the default FSX BGL scenery files in Nov 2006. By Ian Niblo. 2.4MB