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Scenery Page 70
FS2002 "Riverport" Helicopter & Waterside Scenery. Previously unreleased addition to my New Orleans and South Louisiana Scenery from 2002. Fictional town called "Riverport" with numerous helipads, hospital, small airport, boats with helipads, EMS Life Flight Base(NDB 205), and more. Represents the small Louisiana towns. 2MB. By C.Young. 1.8MB

FS2002 Helo Scenery Fictional "Gulf Island" South of Louisiana in middle of Gulf of Mexico for Helicopter and fixed wing. ILS approach to medical pad, airport, and Helo Base. Grass strip and over 30 helipads. C.Young. 3.3MB

Update: Fix for Gulf Island Helicopter Scenery. Also moves closer to shore. C.Young. 303K

FS2002 Airport Environment Upgrade Textures. These textures will significantly enhance world-wide airport scenery. The upgrade includes ramps, taxiways, runways, airport lighting, a few of the more common terminal buildings, and some hangars. Both day and night textures are included. A great deal of effort was made to reproduce colors and details as they appear in real life. This version includes significant improvements of the runway environment and airport lighting. Runway, taxiway, approach and center line lighting have been brightened and enhanced. All fixes have been integrated, along with more realistic concrete/ asphalt texturing. By Chris Arrington. 813K
FS 2002 Lost in Space Alpha control. Launch facility scenery from the original T.V. series. Features elevated landing pad. And time of day display structures. By R.C.Reddin/Glitch 1MB
FS2002 West Edmonton Mall . Located in Edmonton Alberta, and currently the world's largest mall, WEM contains more than 800 stores, an indoor NHL-sized ice rink, amusement park, and IMAX theatre. The Fantasyland Hotel occupies the southwest flank, and offers decadent themed rooms for guests. Although exact dimensions are not available, the entire surface area occupies 3 blocks in width and 8 blocks in length, with 20,000 parking spaces. Needless to say, something this large cannot be missed, especially when flying overhead! This addon features close to accurate scaling, edited land area with new main roads, parked vehicle and night lighting textures. Created by Brian Sturton. 1.2MB
FS2002 Gardemoen, Norway ENGM. This airport was constructed during spring 2004. I used pictures and airport maps and during the process i decided to do a few compromises. I wanted fast update and the ability to use low resolution monitors. The gates are a little bigger for easyer taxiing. If you want to run the airport with everything on, it takes a fast computer. But it is possible to experiment with different settings from normal to extremely high setting on density. By Nils H Lorentzson. 4.2MB
FS2004 Red Bull Air Race Netherlands, 2005, Scenery. Two sceneries designed with Gmax representing the Setiings for the Red Bull Air Race 2005 World series that took place on the 12th of june 2005 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. For those using the FS2004 Netherlands 2000 V2.89 scenery, turn it off! The Erasmus bridge is included in the FS2004 red Bull scenery. No bridge available in FS2002. Download Netherlands 2000 (here) in order to use the proper settings. The downtown feeling will be improved soon. This is the first version 1.2 release. More will soon come! Olivier Graeven. 275K
FS2002 Princess Juliana International Airport AFCAD1 File. Princess Juliana International Airport of St-Maarten Netherlands Antilles BY Delblond Christian (here) , for FS2002. Enables the FS2004 scenery file to work in FS2002. BY BEN HARTMANN. 4K
FS2002 Fenris Freight Park, Australia (fictional). Afictional Freight airport near Avalon Airport, Melbourne, Australia. Large Detail with ATC and buildings(even aircraft docks). Airport is suitable for small jets(737's) and Large Props. Made from FSSC Have Fun! i give credits to Douglas M. Westfall and FSSC By Nick Barber. 88K
FS2002 Marzaglia, Italy. This .bgl file is realized with Airport 2.60 for Flight Simulator 2002. Adds the small airfield of the town PAVULLO, located at west of Modena-Italy. Mauro Vaccari. 67K
FS2002 Modena, Italy. This .bgl file is realized with Airport 2.60 for Flight Simulator 2002. Adds the scenery of Modena downtown - Italy. Adds also the fictional airfield, was originally located in the park area now dedicated to Enzo Ferrari. The ILS frequency (fictional) is 111. Adds the new hospital located at Baggiovara, and some other facilities. Mauro Vaccari. 622K
FS2002 Prague (Praha). These .bgl files are realized with Airport 2.60 and Flight Simulator scenery Creator for Flight Simulator 2002. This scenery is dedicated to my daughter Lucie, living in Prague. Adds the scenery of : Hradcany, Mala Strana, Letna, Strahov, Staromestske Namesti, Vaclavske Namesti, Namesti Miru, Karlovo Namesti, Vysehrad, Villa Troja, the area of the Zoo and some more famous buildings all around the city. Adds also a lot of buildings to airport Ruzyne. Once more, adds also my daughter’s school, and the house where she’s living. Mauro Vaccari. 662K
FS2002 Sassuolo, Italy. This .bgl file is realized with Airport 2.60 for Flight Simulator 2002. Adds the small airfield of the town SASSUOLO, located at south of Modena-Italy. Mauro Vaccari. 20K
FS2002 Pavullo, Italy. This .bgl file is realized with Airport 2.60 for Flight Simulator 2002. Adds the small airfield of the town PAVULLO, located in the mountains, south of Modena-Italy. Originally the runway was made of grass, but since some years has been upgraded to asphalt. The ILS frequency (fictional) is 112 Mauro Vaccari. 1MB
FS2002 Scenery All of Charlie Young's New Orleans & South Louisiana scenery, including Riverport, the VA/BP Heliports, and Steve Chase's Gulf Rigs. The entire scenery series contains over 45 seprate scenery areas with over 100 marked helipads. There are scenarios for helicopter applications in sports, the oil and gas industry, telecommunications support and emergency services, allowing you to assume the role of a helicopter pilot with several mission choices for each scenario. 2 new printable maps of the area are included, along with NAV info & notes for your kneeboard. Scenery by C. Young and Steve Chase, maps and compilation by Don McComb. By C.Young. 10.6MB
FS2002 Landable Carrier Task Force East. of the Strait of Ormuz This scenery is providing for a landable carrier and its task force in FS2002 East of the Strait of Ormuz. Readme both in English and in French. By G. Guichard. 722K
FS2002 Set of Merchant Ships and Oil Tankers Located in Various Locations This scenery ensemble is setting various merchant ships and tankers in FS2002, populating the oceans somewhat along the maritime routes. Readme both in English and in French. Freeware. by G. Guichard. 1MB
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