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  Props Page 158
FS2004 Canadair CL 215 Package. A Gmax model of the Canadair CL215 with simple virtual cockpit, 2D panel, functional water system and a collection of textures. By Gmax Academy - J.P. Langer, Benoit Dube, J.P. Bourgeois and Pierre Marchadier. 28.7MB
FS2002/2004 ATR42-400G CSA Ceské Aerolinie. Model: Alberto La Greca Sound: Ruslan Forostyak Gauges: Marco Ravanello Panel: David Durst. Textures Mauro Vaccari. 11MB
FS9/FSX L-188 Electra American Flyers delivery textures only. Requires J. R. Lucariny's Electra here. American Flyers initially purchased three undelivered Electras (for Capital Airlines) from Lockheed to replace their L-049 Constellations. Additional second hand Electras were added as charter business grew. Textures by Gary Harper. 967K
FS2004 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Zambia Flying Doctor Service This Repaint by Bashir Ismail of the Default FS 2004 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. ZFDS is the emergency medical wing of the health care services of the government of Zambia.It was founded in 1965 by the government to provide emergency medical and health services to the rural areas of Zambia. Repaint by Bashir Ismail. 4.6MB

FS2004/FSX De Havilland Chipmunk 771 NAS & HMS Seahawk Station Flight Textures only. These textures represent DHC Chipmunk WP776 of the HMS Seahawk (RNAS Culdrose) Station Flight and have been released to celebrate A) the station's 60th Anniversary (1947-2007); and B) my engagement nearby at The Lizard! In 1983 WP776 joined 771 NAS, where it remained until 1992. The inspiration for these textures was Geoff Wakeham's 2007 book "RNAS Culdrose: 1947-2007" published by Tempus and highly recommended!Requires the excellent freeware aircraft by Rick Piper (here). Textures are by Andy Ford. 1.7MB

FS2004 Mudry CAP-10B Package, a two seater French built aerobatic light airplane. Includes working virtual cockpit with many advanced features. By Dimitri Samborski and Nikolai Samsonov / Samdim Design. 3.7MB
FS2004 Lockheed Electra L-10A Package - LPCS Aerodrome Couriers (LPCS Aerodrome.airport). This is an update (version 2) of the FSDS2/FS2004 Electra L-10 package from FS-Design Berlin. Textures & repaint by Christopher F Silva. 8.8MB
FS2004 Transavia PL-12. "FKF" Textures only. OY-DVZ is still flying at the Dansk Veteranflysamling / Danish Vintage Aircraft Collection. This is a repaint of the PL-12 AirTruk by Mike Stone (required here). Repaint by Ugo Vincenzo Boschiero. 454K
FS2004 Cessna C-337 Textures only. Purple/Gold and White/Green. These are repaint textures only for Mike Stones' Cessna C-337 Skymaster (required here). Charles Eldridge . 372K

FS2004 Flight Design CTsw Wheels Package. The Flight Design CT is a performance leader in Light Sport Aircraft due to its remarkable design and high-tech construction. The carbon fiber and Kevlar composite airframe allows for a very strong, light and aerodynamically clean design. The unique fuselage design of the CT minimizes drag and maximizes interior room for you and your luggage. In production since 1997, more than 900 CTs have been delivered to customers, worldwide. This is a complete package for FS2004 of aircraft, custom panel, dynamic VC, sounds and documents. By Barry Blaisdell, Jean-Pierre Brisard, Bob May, Kevin Pardy and Danny Crance - Premier Aircraft Design. 9.1MB