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  Scenery Page 105
FS2004 KNJM Swansboro, NC, Scenery Update. Contains Edited files for Bogue MCAS, in Swansboro N.C. Includes stock airport equipment. 122K
FS 2004 ILS Airport Updates: United Kingdom: Sandown, Isle Of Wight (EGHN) runway 5 - Freq.110.300 - ILS ID: SAND - Heading: 050 Portugal: Faro,Algarve (LPFR) runway 10 - Freq. 110.350 - ILS ID: IFRO - Heading - 106 runway 28 - Freq. 110.300 - ILS ID: IFO - Heading - 286 Madeira,Madeira: (LPMA) runway 23 - Freq. 111.150 - ILS ID: IMAD - Heading - 234. 3K
FS2004 Galicia class (Galicia and Castilla ships) - are 13,900t logistic support ships, based at the Rota, Cadiz, naval base in Spain. They are capable of a speed of 20kt and have a range over 6,000 nautical miles. They were built by Izar (then Bazan) at the Ferrol shipyard and the vessels were commissioned in 1998 and 2000, respectively. To a similar design, the Royal Schelde Company built HRMS Rotterdam, commissioned in 1998, for the Royal Netherlands Navy. This is a FS 2004 version of the Galicia L51 ship, placed near Rota, Cadiz (Spain) (N36.49, W6.29). You will find a new airport called Galicia Rota (GALR) among the Spanish ones, perfect to practise helicopter takeoff and landings. Made with Abacus FSDS3 Alberto García Lledó. 1.4MB
FS2004 Ants Scenery Bundle'o'fun. Here's a bit of fun. This bundle of files uses default scenery and effects to add a few volcanoes, icebergs, aurora, blimps, fireworks, waterfalls, deicing FX, a forest fire and the mysterious 2nd aircraft carrier. Includes flights to see them as well. Readme file is in the AntsDocs folder. By Anthony Lynch. 156K
FS2004 Mineta San Jose International Airport (KSJC), California (CA). Includes accurately modeled terminals, hangars, jet blast shields and even downtown San Jose with the HP Pavilion arena. Also includes general aviation ramp, street traffic and other goodies scattered around. By Jaxan Prier and Jose Gutierrez (Mach-1 Scenery Design Group). 6MB
FS2004 HMAS Carrier berthed at Melbourne, Perth, AU. Complete CL-II ILS/NAV system. Included is the Carrier Zone data for the Cat's and the Trap. Planner Airport ID: "MELB". Use MAP for Nav. Info. Flight plan capable using ILS, VFR, & GPS. 100% functional COMM's. ArresterCables.dat file for FS9 included. Steve hinson. 1.5MB
FS2004 Gambon, New Foundland Airport & surrounding area. 425K
FS2004 Concord, CA Update. This file is a recent update to KCCR Buchanan Feild Airport in Concord, CA. It has a new closed taxy ways and some more GA Parking plus a new heleport for the medavac helecoptor reach which is not included. 39K