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Military Page 27
Fs2004 Hawker Hunter export versions. Three repaints of the FGA9 model as Swiss, Singapore and Kuwait air force versions. Complete aircraft, no other files needed. Includes custom panel and FX. By Dave Garwood, Dave Booker and Saverio Maurri. 7.2MB huntpak6.zip
FS2004 Rhodesian Air Force Hawker Hunter FGA.9 (textures only) This is a repaint of the Hawker Hunter by David Garwood (above) . It is to be used with his excellent Hawker Hunter Export/FGA. 9 package. It is painted as a Hunter FGA.9 from 1 Sqn. Rhodesian Air Force, Thornhill AB 1973. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kj°lberg. 504K

FS2004 Martin XB-51 "Panther" Package (Updated flight dynamics) . A 1944 USAAF requirement for a new close-support aircraft was the starting point for this unconventional jet bomber. Known originally as the XA-45, the trijet design won the 1946 competition and 2 prototypes were ordered. First flown in Oct. 1949, the XB-51 was a great success, meeting all the criteria it was supposed to. The demands of the Korean War however, meant that the design was no longer suitable and the British Canberra was chosen instead. Model Designer : Phil Perrott. Panel : Nick Karatzides. Flight model : Larry Vrooman. Sound : Mike Hambly. Smoke Effects : Alejandro Villa. Package and General Rework : Simone Prattico'. 7.9MB
FS2004/2002 C-130J Hercules in RAF 24th Squadron Livery, Textures created by Andrew Stokes of Anglo-Virtual Aviation. Original by Adrian Brausch, with panel by Johan Peeters. 22.5MB
FS 2004 North American Aviation F-107A The F-107A was an unusual plane with it's overhead intake duct. It was an excellent performer, easily exceeding Mach 2, but lost out to the F-105 "Thud". This FSDSv2 model has complete moving parts, alpha channel reflective surfaces, pilot figure, afterburner and leading edge vapor effects. The 2D panel is based on a photo and it has a VC. Note, the Concorde Gauge is required. By Paul Clawson. 853K
FS2004 VUSCG RQ-4A Global Hawk. The HAEUAV (High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) will provide long-range surveillance over large areas for extended periods of time. These assets will provide a portion of the long-range surveillance capability that will be lost when legacy HC-130s are retired at the end of their useful service life. HAEUAVs will possess the ability to transmit data and EO/IR imagery to shore-based Command and Control (C2) centers as part of the Common Operational Picture (COP). Orginal Aircraft by Kazunori Ito, repaint and panel modification by Ray Brower of the VUSCG. 1.2MB
FS2004 RAF Tornado F3 Special Display liveries. Version 3.2 by DSB Design. 7.7MB
FS2004 RSAF Hawk MK.51. Designed by Mikko Maleniemi in GMax. Rework by DSB Design. Painted by DSB Design. Panel by DSB Design. 7.4MB
FS2002/2004 OV-10A Bronco FAV. This is a pack with two planes with different Schemes- (SLEP program Scheme and Low visibility Scheme) from the Grupo Aereo de Operaciones Especiales N░15 of the Venezuelan Air Force Textures: Daniel"Stinger"Borrego, flight dynamic modifications by Mike Sibley. Original model by Tim "Piglet" Conrad. Sound file by Aaron Swindle and mods by Leon Medado Panel by unknown author(s). 2.9MB