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  Helicopters Page 29
FS2004 Alouette III - Nepal Police (Air Services) This version NP (Nepal Police) Air Services Design: Peter Salzgeber. - Repainted By Kunjan Rim. 3MB
FS2004 Digital Helicopter Panel. Like a modern day fighter jet panel for a helicopter. Micro display at top of screen has Hdg, VSI, Alt, Thrust %, and MPH. The little adf is also mouse as yoke - right clich to use - right click to disenguage. Micro display great for flying in external chase view. By Ted Vergith. 2.3MB

FS2004 Westland WG 33. Built in 1977 at Yeovil, Somerset and intend to be a 2-seat light reconnaissance helicopter powered by either a Plessey Meon turboshaft engine or one/two piston engines. Following on from experience gained during the development of remotely piloted helicopters Westland started investigations in 1977 into a light two seat helicopter that could be used for aerial reconnaissance without the need for a skilled pilot. The two crew sat side-by-side in a circular fuselage giving excellent all round visibility. Having built a mock-up in 1977 to show prospective customers, the project soon faltered due to a lack of interest or funding by the UK Ministry of Defence and in early 1979 the project was formally abandoned. 1.1MB
FS2004 Kaman K-1200 K-max. The K-MAX K-1200 light lift multi-purpose helicopter is manufactured by Kaman Aerospace Company. The helicopter can carry suspended loads up to 2,721kg and is used for forestry, logging, construction, agricultural work, surveillance and transportation. By Mike Stone. 875K
FS2004 Kaman K-1200 KMax Rotex Textures only. Real livery for this KMax used in Switzerland. Registration HB-XQA. Original helicopter by Mike Stone.Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 256K
FS2004 MD500E Customized Package. McDonnell Douglas MD500E helicopter. Features functioning door handles, multi-player lighting, dynamic shine in paint and windows, asynchronous beacons and strobes, four paint schemes, realistic sound, night lighting. By Chris Gaeth and Scott Stoll. Based on original model by Peter and Tamas Nemeth, custom sound package by Jordan Moore, lights by Scott Gridley. 41.6MB
FS2004 Default Bell 206 in 'Lucy Bell' Chrome livery. This is the standard Bell helicopter of FS2004 but with a brushed aluminium/chrome texture to try to make it a little nicer to look at. Francis F Silva. 2.3MB
FS2004 S-70 B-6 Hawk Aegean . The S-70 is the most advanced naval helicopter in the world. Complex model including virtual cockpit, opening doors, etc. These helicopters were purchased for use with the Meko 200HN frigates and new fleet additions. They have the capability of launching Penguin anti-ship missiles as well as torpedoes and other anti-submarine ordinance. Repaint and modifications by Angelos Hatzikatakos. Original Model by Jordan Moore. 6.1MB
FS2004 Bell 222 custom package with new flight dynamics, stereo soundkit recorded from the real helicopter, new textures, custom exhaust efects and more George A.Arana. 22MB
FS2004 Simplified Panel for the Bell 206. The simpliest possible, just one window. The cockpit decoration is also very (very) simple, but difficult to find photographs under a good angle to help ! Going on searching ! Based on Bell 407 photograph by Gary Sheppard with his kind authorization.. 975K