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  Helicopters Page 38
FS2004/2002 Sikorsky S64 SkyCrane Army Cammo. From an original FS2002 model by Patrick Freitag. 1.5MB
FS2004/2002 Bell 206 Army Cammo. Uses the default B206. 1.2MB
FS2004 HH-60G Pavehawk Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team's Newest Air Support Unit. (SWAT). This Repaint is from the HH-60G Pavehawk And if it was real it would look like this,and be station at KVGT north las vegas airport. Tested in FS9 only but it may work in FSX too. Have fun flying it. Original Aircraft designed by Jordan Moore (required here) Repaint by Robert Harsha . 2.3MB
FS2004 Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low of the U.S. Air Force Package, in current grey scheme; utilizing the late Rory Kelly's outstanding CH/MH-53 Stallion model. A very fine effort from a master modeler, and a sad loss to the hobby, may we not forget.Mike Pearson. 7MB
FS2004 CH-46 Update. This is an update for FS2004, of the CH-46 Sea Knight by Rory Kelly (required here). I have added float points and scrape points to the contact points, as well as the other 3 wheels. I have added a 2D panel with toggles for GPS, radios,etc. I have changed the touchdown and spray effects. I have not tried to update the flight dynamics. Bob Chicilo. 296K

FS2004 Aerospatiale AS 350BA Ecureuil Package v1.2.1 . Comprehensive highly designed package including fully interactive & working VC (virtual cockpit). Sound by FSpainter and Roger Grauby Model, Gauges, Panel and Texture by FSpainter Florian LAROYE. 31.3MB
FS2004 Ecureuil AS 350BA Photorealistical Textures Pack . This Package Includes Four new variations For the AS 350BA by FsPainter above. Includes several French Gendarmerie Nationale and Héli-Sécurité Photorealistical livreries, by Jonathan Hilaire. Original aircraft by Florian Laroye (required above), repaints by Jonathan Hilaire . 3.2MB

FS2004 Hughes MD500 Package. One of the world's most successful and useful light turbine helicopters, the Hughes/McDonnell Douglas/Boeing 500 series began life in response to a US Army requirement for a light observation helicopter. Hughes won the US Army observation helicopter contest. They then announced they were developing a civil version, to be marketed as the Hughes 500 (Hughes Model 369). It was offered in basic five and seven seat configurations. The 500D, was an improved version with a more powerful engine, a Ttail, and new five blade main and optional four blade tail rotors. The D was followed by the 500E from 1982 with recontoured nose and various interior improvements including greater head and leg room. The 530F is a more powerful version optimised for hot and high work. McDonnell Douglas acquired Hughes Helicopters in January 1984, and from August 1985 the 500E and 530F were built as the MD500E and MD 530F Lifter. Contains VC & a variety of textures. By Alpha Simulations. 9.9MB
FS2004 X-49A Speedhawk U.S. Army Experimental. Original Aircraft Designed by Jordan Moore. Additiona Virtual Cockpit Modeling and Texturing by Deane Baunton Transparent Rotor Textures by Brian McIntyre Shawn Lund. 4.7MB

FS2004 Photoreal SA-330 "French Pumas" Textures pack. Description : Photoreal Textures Pack For Brian Franklin's AS-330 Puma (here). This package includes several photoreal livreries of the differents SA-330 Pumas used by french armed forces.by Jonathan Hilaire. 20.4MB

FS2004 USCG AS 365 Dolphin USCG Package. 78 HH-65C Variants from numorous USCG Airstations around the USA. The units included are from Sitka, Barbers Point, Port Angeles, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Humboldt Bay, Detroit, Kodak, Atlantic City, New Orleans, Houston, Mobile, Miami, Corpus Christi, Borinquen, Savannah, Traverse City, Elizabeth City, and a lone MH-65C Dauphin from Jacksonville, Florida (The MH-65 will replace the MH-68 Stingray HITRON helicopters in the future.) If you do the math, that's about 92% of the ENTIRE United States Coast Guard HH-65 Fleet. Also, some helicopters have been moved around to other stations since the last package, so this should bring you up to date with everything. Oncemore--This package is dedicated to the brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard--especially those at CGAS New Orleans. Many of the crewmembers saved more people during Hurricane Katrina than many veteran pilots have and will save during their entire career!The visual model is designed entirely in GMAX. It has most of the standard FS2004 features: lights, virtual cockpit, specular lighting and animations.Paints in -THIS- package by Brandon D. Henry. Original Dauphin model by Antti Pankkonen. Remodeled into the Dolphin by John Devins and Keith Devins. textures by John Devins. Photorealistic Panel and VC textures by Fabien Venries. 31MB
FS2004 Kamov Ka50 Hokum Package. . The Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark (NATO reporting name: "Hokum A") is a single-seat Russian attack helicopter with the distinctive coaxial rotor system of the Kamov design bureau. It was designed in the 1980s and adopted for service in the Russian army in 1995. Works in FSX without VC. Gmax Academy Modèle Pierre Marchadier Texture François Reitz. 10.5MB
FS2004 Eurocopter As555 Fennec. The Fennec is a single-engined, light-weight, multipurpose helicopter manufactured by Eurocopter. Based on the Eurocopter Ecureuil series, it is named after the Fennec, a small fox found in the Sahara Desert of North Africa which has distinctive oversized ears. The armed version can be fitted with coaxial weapons, and a small number of rockets. By GMax Academy. 4.2MB

FS2004/FSX Agusta AB412 & Bell Griffin model 12 livery Package. - Hovercontrol Helicopters - HC412 Agusta AB412 Abu Dhabi Police Carabinieri (5Type) Frontier Guard (3Type) Guardia Costiera Guardia di Finanza Italy Army(2Type) Japan Coast Guard Netherlands Air Force Sweden Air Force US Coast Guard Vigili Del Fuoco - Hovercontrol Helicopters - HC412 Bell Griffin UK Air Force (2Type). Full VC (virtual cockpit) By Hovercontrol (http://www.hovercontrol.com/). 62MB
FS2004 Kamov Ka58 Hokum. Several liveries included. Model by François Reitz/ Pierre Marchadier Texture François ReitzGmax Academy. 10.1MB
FS2004 Saro Skeeter. Welcome to the UKMIL Saro Skeeter. this helo is given to you by the UKMIL Team. Modelled by 'the Gaffer' It depicts the smaller Saro Skeeter. 6.6MB
FS2004 Sud Aviation Super Frelon SA321 heavy transport helicopter Package. Full detailed package with doors, virtual cockpit, autohover, checklist and more! By Benoit Dube, Jean-Pierre Langer, Pierre Marchadier, Baptiste Aubertel / Gmax Academy. 58.2MB
FS2004 Aerospatiale Dauphin SA 365 LTU. Original model by Andrew Gilchrist. Paint by J.oshua Beyler. 2.9MB