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FS2004 Visual Damage . V2 of this File Includes Visual Damage update to all of the FS2004 so now you will see fire and wings and tail and other parts of the plane coming off. . Files updated by Eric Busseau AKA Snake Man. 133K
FS2004 Kneeboard Web Browser. Use you in flight kneeboard as a jump to the Net as something to do during those long flights. 2.9MB
FS2004 Gerry Anderson's Supercar v4.0 A craft from the 1960s TV show which can travel over land, in the air or under the sea. Supercar design by Reg Hill. Gmax FS model by Brian Douglas and Austin Tate. 1.6MB
FS2004/ 2002 "Cool Effects": This file is a multi effects pack for aircraft on fs2004/2002. By Thomas Moger. 188K
FS2002/2004 FS Flight Tracker V7.1.0. More than a log, automatically record: a/c type, a/c reg number, airline + flight number , out, off, on, in times + fuel, aircraft weights. block time + fuel, flight time + fuel, origin and destination ICAO airport codes + names, weather. Report time in local or Zulu (GMT). Report fuel in lbs, gal or kg. Shareware with ten use evaluation period ($14.00 US registration). By K. D. Lovell. 7.9MB
FS2004 High-altitude contrail 50 miles long. Use w/ default AI aircraft. High- altitude contrails are now enabled by MS for use on each aircraft, jet or prop, single or multi-engine, by using the FS9 version of the aircraft.cfg "EFFECTS" section to specify them. The temperature below which the contrails occur can also be defined in aircraft.cfg by the user. Included in d/l are new AI contrail, and revised aircraft.cfg w/folder structure to make a extra "AI" copy of default AC. This allows default(or other)contrail to be used for "hand" flying same aircraft. Easy manual installation with all new filenames. By Jan Rosenberg. 92K
FS2004 Chicago TrolleyCopter: The Chicago TrolleyCopter is based upon the old red streetcars that ran in Chicago during the 1940's. The difference is that this one can fly, hover, and float. It also has advanced scientific hidden rotors. Disregard any rumors that the creator was too lazy to add them. By editing the BMP texture file you can repaint the side, front and roof signs, adding your own name and/or picture. No "it's mine" claims or rules. Do what you want with it. Created by Wm. R. Pulick. 578K