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FS2004/FSX Engine Monitor Gauge
0.27Mb (743 downloads)
FS2004/FSX aircraft engine monitor XML gauge for single engine aircraft. Resembles digital panels by JPI, EI and Insight which replace several analog gauges. Includes horizontal and vertical layouts, with versions for fixed-pitch and constant-speed props, turboprop singles, and the Aviatt Husky. Add it to any panel and as a popup. Instructions included. By Bob Kellogg
Posted Sep 10, 2014 05:53 by Nicolas Neveu
Flypad Gauge Version 2.0
4.00Mb (1109 downloads)
Flypad Gauge Version 2.0 This gauge has been developed on Win7 for FSX Flight Simulator SP2 or SP1.It should also work with Acceleration, but this is not guaranteed by the author. The gauge is a little extra addon based on the design of a smart phone and provides 9 different displays which are different from all of the standard gauge displays on a regular aircraft panel. It is mainly helpful for the user flying small propeller aircraft, and old timer aircraft. However, the displays are as well attractive for sim pilots flying modern jet aircraft. Use it as if you just grabbed to your smart phone during a flight and check on the status of your aircraft, or how the terrain awareness situation looks like, how the AI traffic on the radar is, while you proceed with your flight plan. Enjoy the new design of a simple aircraft attitude display during an ILS approach. A new screen for LAT/LON coordination control and distance/bearing calculation has been added to this version in addition with a number of improvements. For credits look at the pdf documentation inside the zip file. By Dietmar Loleit
Posted Aug 5, 2014 06:06 by uploader
Saitek FIP-AP Multi Fuel Gauges
0.75Mb (515 downloads)
This set of 3 gauges is for use in the Saitek FIP and is an extension to my FIP gauge . That set of 3 gauges was designed to complement the Saitek AP/Multi panel and primarily showed the selected AP Altitude and Vert Spd whilst the Saitek AP/multi panel was displaying HDG. The second main part of those gauges were the Fuel Level displays, each gauge displaying a different combination of fuel tanks to suit the aircraft being flown and thus offered functionality for all types of aircraft. This set of 3 gauges is designed for the same purpose but now encompasses a working AP that allows you to select HDG, ALT and VS values and activate the HDG and ALT mode (and AP master switch) to enable auto-pilot flight (for those who have a FIP but not an AP/multi panel). For those who have an AP/multi panel, it gives the appearance of a backup AP in your build/rig ('appearance' because it all works off the same FS telemetry). The combinations displayed are those that suit my choice of aircraft, however it is easy to re-configure gauge Elements (fuel tank names) and artwork (fuel gauge titles) to suit the combination you prefer. These gauges also retain the gear, flaps and light indicators, auto rudder on/off button plus rudder and aileron trim capability that were in the previous gauges. An additional feature is the battery switch will now turn off the AP display and fuel levels. The artwork in these gauges has also been upgraded a bit and a template artwork is included to assist in customising.
Posted Jul 23, 2014 01:20 by Robert Budd
Saitek FIP gauge AP-Alt-VS Multi Fuel v1
0.18Mb (601 downloads)
This package of 4 gauges is for use in the Saitek FIP. Three generic gauges will work on all aircraft and the fourth is specifically for the Baron B58 (FSX default). Each of the generic gauges displays fuel level for different tanks but are identical in all other respects. The 4 gauges have been designed to complement the saitek AP / Multi panel. The gauges primarily show the selected AP Altitude and Vert Spd whilst the AP / multi panel is displaying HDG. Five indicators for "lights on" are included as well as lights for landing gear (in transition and down) . The flaps indicator shows a blue light for intermediate positions and a yellow light when at full down position. The generic gauges have a separate flaps position indicator (numerical and needle) included. The 5 fuel indicators in each gauge are vertical analogue 'meters'. Rudder and aileron trim is displayed and controlled by the two FIP rotary knobs. Pitch trim readout and other functions is included.
Posted Jul 11, 2014 23:35 by Robert Budd
Bendix King KN63 DME indicator
0.08Mb (510 downloads)
Display more realistic than the default FSX Baron indicator. ON/OFF and Toggle knob (Key "F" acting) but HOLD mode not possible. FSX (P3Dv1.4) and FS 2004 stand alone XML gauge. By Pierre Fasseaux
Posted Sep 12, 2013 04:30 by Pierre Fasseaux
Bendix King KR21 Beacon Marker
0.26Mb (350 downloads)
Three models (Horizontal w/ and w/o screws and vertical). Different flashing lights and test button. FSX (P3Dv1.4) and FS 2004 stand alone XML gauge. By Pierre Fasseaux
Posted Sep 12, 2013 04:29 by Pierre Fasseaux
Davtron Chronometer M803 upgraded v8
0.64Mb (698 downloads)
Still six functions available (GMT, LT, FT, chrono + OAT, Voltage) and activation through key strokes (Not for 2004). Two background bitmaps available (w/ or w/o screws). NEW: Fixed bug, reset LT, orange and green coloured screens. See readme.txt for details . FSX, P3Dv1.4 and FS 2004 stand alone XML gauge. By Pierre Fasseaux.
Posted Aug 9, 2013 08:32 by Pierre Fasseaux
Modified gauges of default FSX Cessna 208B
0.17Mb (596 downloads)
This just a small modification enlarging the mouse acting zone to modify the data of some instruments : the Altimeter (to modify the pressure reference) ; the Radio-altimeter (to modify the DH) ; the RMI (switch between VOR/ADF). Maybe already proposed but I didn't find it. By Pierre Fasseaux
Posted Aug 9, 2013 08:30 by Pierre Fasseaux
Integrated Standby Flight Display for Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel
Integrated Standby Flight Display for Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel
0.22Mb (2614 downloads)
This file was deleted by my mistake.This is the original version and it is not replaced by version 2 which provides space for buttons text. Integrated Standby Flight Display (ISFD) is a new glass standby gauge that was introduced with the B737 NG, it is equiped with an internal battery that allows 3 hours of operation without external power. Now all new commercial liners are fitted with such gauge. The gauge provides indicated air speed, altitude, heading, aircraft attitude and QNH. When in range of an ILS the ILS bars appear. When the autopilot mode approach is selected the text APP in green colour appears. As far as I know it is not possible to shift the QNH value from Inch of Hg to Hpa (millibar) in a FIP because the shifting function calls for internal variable like L:xxxxxx that can't be used in a FIP xml program. To solve partially this problem I propose three versions, one with the QNH both in InHg and Hpa (ISFD.xml), one with the QNH in InHg only (ISFD_InHg.xml) and one with the QNH in Hpa only (ISFD_HPA.xml).
Posted Jul 10, 2013 09:20 by Philippe Verhaege
B737-800 EICAS FSX model for Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel
B737-800 EICAS FSX model for Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel
0.15Mb (2474 downloads)
This other version of the B737-800 EICAS is the exact replica of the gauge provided with FSX and adapted for the FIP. I created this version just to test the possibility to use circular images as for the N1, EGT and fuel gauges. Not so easy but time is the main factor for success. It comes in two versions, one that shows the fuel flow (to be multiplied by 1000 like the FSX gauge) and the fuel tanks in pounds. The second version shows the fuel flow (no multiplier) and the fuel tanks in gallons. The gauge provides TAT, N1, EGT, N2, Fuel flow, oil pressure, oil temperature, engine vibration, center, right and left fuel tanks quantity. Additionally it provides the possibility to move the N1 green bug (unfortunately decimal for autopilot values is not available for FSX). Two warnings for each engine also appear: start valve open and low oil pressure.
Posted Jul 8, 2013 07:20 by Philippe Verhaege
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