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Scenery Page 58
FS2002 Las Vegas Scenery Ver,G2.0 * This is the scenery intended to give more detail to FS2002. GMAX used for the creation. Hotels, buildings, trees, and terrains were created by referring to the video, the tourist guide, and maps which I got while traveling to Las Vegas. By Shigeo"shige"Ishii. 6MB
FS2002 Aéroclub de Pézenas-Nizas LFNP, Southern France. Charming little club located in the south of France near Béziers LFMU and Montpellier LFMT. All the villages of the neighbourhood are performed with mesh and landclass, Great for VFR flying. Uses Trees library SDK Guerrish Gray and nova textures (all here if required). 1.4MB
FS2002 South Carolina AirBases. This Scenery is just to give these bases more of a military look. [KCHS] Charleston AFB/Intl. [KMMT] McEntire Angs. [KNBC] Beaufort MCAS. [KSSC] Shaw AFB. ADDED Taxiways and Tarmac! AFCAD for each base! Anthony D. Bellinger. 3.4MB
FS2002 St Barthelemy 2. This is the scenery of one of my favourite airports St Barthelemy, Guadeloupe , south of St Marteen in the Caribbean. By. Roberto (rotol) Ayala. 849K
FS98/FS2000/2002 Meigs and Vancouver Fields Soaring Scenery This files adds some thermals to defaults Chicago Merril C. Meigs and Vancouver Intl. scenery. By Francisco Vargas. 5K
FS2002 RFDS Motor Vehicle Accident Road Landing Scenario & scenery Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, Broken Hill Base. There has been a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) roughly 72nm south of Broken Hill. The Police, Fire brigade, Ambulance and State Emergency Service (SES) are at the accident site. A man is trapped and is being extricated but this will take some time, and he will need further medical help. You need to fly to the scene and land on the road. Have you got what it takes to fly it and maybe save a life? Includes appropriate chart, briefing and debriefing documents, weather, saved flights and scenery. Other required file: my Nomad_N22C aircraft (Nomad_N22C.ZIP) Recommended file: my Broken Hill Scenery (YBHI.ZIP) as well. These files should be avialable from the web site where you downloaded this mission. By Mike Hill. 2.5MB
FS2002 Disused Couva Airstrip at Couva Located in Trinidad. This scenery includes the airfield with hangars and towersand also the Heilport operated by National Helicopters Services Ltd.There is also an NDB between the strip and the heliport. 76K
Lourdes-Pyrenees Airport, France, enabled for AI Traffic. Contains 1 AFCAD file TTools and AF installer By Mitchel Moriarty. 155K
Waterford Airport, Ireland, enabled for AI Traffic. Contains 1 AFCAD file TTools and AF installer By Mitchel Moriarty. 201K

FS2002, Trinidad International Airport, Island of Trinidad, Caribbean Region......TTPP Description: This scenery redoes the Piarco airport which I previously released on the Island of Trinidad. It Features the beautiful new terminal in it's corrected position, and with some architectural updates, plus the proper gate layout, with easier access to all gates. There are also a few cosmetic updates like tree textures, gate numbers, and ramp and parking lights. The old terminal across the runway, which has been converted to cargo operations has been left as is, with the loader macro being deleted due to it's bright lights.This airport is the homebase to British West Indies Airlines, (BWIA). There are no static aircraft in this version, but an afcad and A1 traffic will be along shortly. By: Bill Melichar. 4.6MB

FS2002, AFCAD, and A1 traffic files for Bill Melichar's Trinidad International airport, . Install these as you would any AFCAD and A1 traffic files. AFCAD by: David Hanstater A1 traffic by: Anson Cadogan Enjoy! Bill Melichar. 11K

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