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  Scenery Page 115
FS2004 Spanish Armada Newport class LST Pizarro. The L42 Pizarro is the fifth ship of the Armada with the name of the conqueror of Perú. It was built by the National Steel shipyards of San Diego (USA) and delivered for the US Navy in 1972 with the name "Harlan County" (L-1196). It was leased to the Spanish Armada in 1995. Displaces 8500 tons, with a maximum speed of 20 knots. Its main mission is to carry tanks and troops in anphibian operations, and has an helicopter platform. This model for FS2004 has been built with FSDS3. It is placed near the bay of Santander in N43.35, W3.47, with the rest of my previously posted Armada ships, and has a landable platform made with AFCAD, with deck lights for night flights. You will find it among the Spanish airports, called PIZARRO-SANTANDER (Northern Spain) (PIS2). Alberto García Lledó. 8MB
FS2004 KCNY (Canyonlands) Airport Scenery. This scenery will update the Canyonlands Airport (KCNY) in Utah with fictitous scenery. This is not a real representation of the airport, simply an update I created using the fantastic Runway12 software, to make this airport a little more interesting. You must have the Runway12 scenery libraries (here) mand program installed for this scenery to display! Created By Neil Andrew. 42K
FS2004 Chandigarh, India, Scenery. The included AFCAD file was designed usin satellite images obtained from the internet. Landclass and airport ground textures were modified using SBuilder. Gate and taxiway information was not available online but their locations are accurate. By Deepak Blassi. 15K
FS2004 Testing Grounds Pack. These are 3 locations that I use for testing out new aircraft and just flying around for fun. There is a Forest, Water and Ice location. By Conor Keenan . 355K
FS2004 Scenery of RAF Waddington, UK. A detailed representation of the home of the The RAF’s Surveillance and Reconnaissance assets. Gmax scenery with photo-tiles made with kind permission of Just Flight. Options are included to maintain frame rate for users with lower end PCs. Includes an AI package of E-3Ds, Nimrod R1, Bombadier Astor R1 and the Linc and Notts Air Ambulance. By John Young and team at UKMIL. 15.1MB
FS2004 RAF Leuchars Package. RAF Leucharsis situated in Fife, Scotland, 8 miles south of Dundee and 4 miles North of St Andrews, currently (at time of writing) is home to 56 Reserve, 43 and 111 Squadrons using the Tornado F3. There is also the East of Scotland University Air Squadrons (ELUAS) flying the Grob tutor who provides initial flight training for University students. To read more about Leuchars go to http://www.raf.mod.uk/rafleuchars/aboutus/history.cfm It’s been a long time since I started this scenery, originally at UKSD (UK Scenery Design) some 2 years ago, finally finishing it while at UKMIL. I would estimate around 900 - 1000 hours have gone into the scenery over the 2 years. Stephen Legg/UKmil. 36MB
FS2004 Ottery Saint Catchpole Senery: Ottery Saint Catchpole is a Harry Potter fictional village. Now you create your own trips to London on Sept 1 Using a curtiss JN-4D 'Jenny' which would match the Weasley's flying car. the departure is at 8:30. You need to complete the journey to King Cross Railroad Station before 11:00 AM. I hope that some day that some one can construct Weasley's flying car The car is a turquoise Ford Anglia. I made the senery with EZ-Senery and AFCAD. Gary L Varnam. 11MB
FS2004 Santa Catalina Island (KAVX), California (CA) Scenery Package. High-res photoreal scenery. This scenery contains the whole Santa Catalina Island which is located about 30 miles south of Los Angeles. It covers an area of 190 sq km in super crisp 1.2m/pix resolution. The airport area is even covered in 0.3m/pix resolution. The scenery is an ideal extension to the author's Los Angeles sceneries. By Gottfried Razek. Should work in FSX 100MB
FS2004 Kings Cross Train Station with Helipad . This train station is missing in Flight Simulator 2004. This is the train station that Harry Potter cought the Hogwarts Express to school on platform 9 3/4. place two files AF2_Kins.bgl and London.bgl into C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\fight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\scenery and put all the files in there. Not the folder. Also lucnch the Abacus EZ Libraries (included). Gary L Varnam. 9.1MB
FS2004 Sleepless in Seattle Empire State Building . This scenery is 15 years late. Neither Hanks nor Ryan look like they did in the movie anymore, but the Empire State Building did look peaceful that Valentines' Day evening. So, here it is. The Sleepless in Seattle Empire State Building only shows during the evening of 14-February (18h00) until dusk the next morning. The rest of the time the Empire State Building looks normal. I had to re-do the building for regular hours, as it was impossible to use the default. For free distribution only. By Fern Marques. 468K