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FS2004 Flying W Airport (N14) located in Lumberton, New Jersey as accurately as possible. I have added parking spaces where they are in real life, and I also included parking spaces in the hangar area (the nothern portion of the airport). At the actual airport, there are hangars, infact the Philadelphia FOX traffic report helicopter is based out of Flying W. Since there are actually hangars, and this is just an AFCAD file, I created parking spaces out in the open, but where there would be a hangar. Also, the old closed runway that was used by the military in the 50s is added, and yes there is supposed to be a little extra piece hanging off the main taxiway. INSTALLATION: Just unzip into your Addon Scenery folder for Flight Simulator. By Josh Plave. 66K
FS2004 CFFC McDuff's Landing, British Columbia, Canada Scenery Information McDuff's Landing is a fictitious scenery. The field has a grass strip lit by kerosene torches at night and also docking facilities for sea planes. There, McDuff maintains an air service business and also a traditional wooden boat building facility. You will see boats being built in the sheds along the river. Many candies on this site and nice guests on the dock Leon Louis. 4.5MB
FS2004 AFCAD Scenery for EDXW ,Flugplatz Westerland-Sylt , Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany By: Frank Böhrnsen Enables AI ( Artificial Aircraft in FS 2004 ) to approach and depart from EDXW. Now you can insert EDXW in your own Flightplans for FS 2004. 401K
FS2004 AFCAD Scenery for EDXF ,Flugplatz Flensburg-Schaeferhaus , Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany By: Frank Böhrnsen Enables AI ( Artificial Aircraft in FS 2004 ) to approach and depart from EDXF. Now you can insert EDXF in your own Flightplans for FS 2004. 399K
FS2004 AFCAD Scenery for EDHK ,Flugplatz Kiel-Holtenau , Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany By: Frank Böhrnsen Enables AI ( Artificial Aircraft in FS 2004 ) to approach and depart from EDHK. Now you can insert EDHK in your own Flightplans for FS 2004. 399K
FS2004 Itumbiara City (Brazil). Another attempt at visual scenery of ITUMBIARA city, now width DYNAMIC TRAFFIC. All files here, requires no further files. Manuel Castelo Branco. 2.3MB
FS2004 New Grass & Dirt Runways & Taxiways Updated ! These new textures will completely change the look of your Default Grass and Dirt Runways & Taxiways to be what I consider to be much more realistic. I have also altered what was the Brick Runway and Taxiway Textures to be a much Darker Color giving AFCAD Designers a much greater oportunity to add different Runway, Taxiway and Ground Polygons. 818K

FS2004/2002 Old World Trade Center --- The old WT centers in New York for those who have moved on from 9/11 but who enjoy seeing the old WTC buildings in their sims. This addon contains a startable helipad, and full lighting effects. Author Ben Pooley 159K

The New Planned WTC available here

FS2004 -Vancouver International Airport v4 is a major upgrade to version 3.1 for FS2002 (FlightSim Developer’s Award in March 2003), which had over 11,000 downloads. Entire airport has moved,runways now coincide with the default to allow VATSIM fliers to use scenery. Adds new Sea Island,Iona outfall,taxiway lines,signs, freight warehouses,bridges,more ships,Point Atkinson lighthouse. By P Nigel Grant. 3.8MB

FS2004 -Vancouver International Airport v4 - Common Textures for CYVR4.zip Various design program textures used in this scenery By P Nigel Grant. 1.4MB

FS2004--Vancouver International Airport v4.1 is a minor upgrade to version4 (CYVR4.zip) and includes new ILS frequency for 26R, miscellaneous fine-tuning of some buildings and flatten poly. By P Nigel Grant, Vancouver. 644K

Update: Corrects missing front wall on Purolator building; needs CYVR4.zip and CYVR41.zip

See final upgrade or full final package here

FS2004 AFCAD2 update for Ben Gurion Airport, Israel, scenery version 0.51. Chanan Epstein. 50K