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  Scenery Page 33
FS2004 RAAF Bases Richmond, Amberley,East Sale and Williamtown, Australia. . This scenery is part of the RAAF AI package, designed by Dave Friswell, Barry Magann, Mal Lloyd and Rob Nieuwenhoven. Download the whole package from www.aussim.com.au. By Ian Thatcher and Aussim RAAF AI team 2004. 2.7MB
FS2004 Piarco International Airport, Trinidad, Caribbean Islands. Scenery of the International Airport of "PIARCO" locate in TRINIDAD Caribbeans Island. By: Augustus Stanley is the manager. Atherley Andy is the BWIA statics aircrafts painter. Designed by Delblond Christian. 5.2MB
FS2004 Pocatello Regional Airport, Idaho as it is today. Pocatello Regional Airport was a B-24 training base during WW2. I have shown it as it is today. The 8250 X 300 foot runways are visible under the current configuration. The other remains such as roads, warehouse and other buildings are recreated. . 1.9MB
FS2004 Abandoned B-29 fields in Kansas and Nebraska. They are Bruning AAF and McCook AAF, and Walker AAF. I have recreated these bases as they were originally from what I have found at the bases themselves and through the internet. Walker AAF is the best documented and best preserved of the three. I have placed most of the buildings as best as I can determine from satellite pictures and other documentation. This model is for FS2004 only. 2.3MB
FS2004 Alsace Chateau. A castle from the Alsace area of France. With night lighting. By Guenard Raphael. 676K
FS2004 Desert Southwest Trees. These are autogen textures designed to resemble vegetation in the southwest USA. currantly there is only a summer texture but more are coming.. They work with FS2004 but should also work with FS2002. to install put in flight sim texture folder. By Chris Mineburg. 420K
FS2004 Replacement textures for Glacier, crevasses and snowcapped high mountains. Gives a more realistic glistening white appearance. By Eric Guichard. 1.4 MB
FS 2004 LOT AI TrafficPack v3.0 Flight plans are the original of Polish Airlines. Package includes Boeing 737 and 767, ERJ 145, EMB-170, EMB-145, ATR 42-300, ATR 72-500 optimized for AI so they are very framerate friendly. Also EuroLOT and WizzAir Airlines included. More INFO in ReadMe.txt. By Piotr Sobczak. 5.1MB