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FS98/FS2000 KC-135T Stratotanker. The KC-135 is an extremely dependable and important air refueling tanker of the USAF that will last well into the 21st century. This "T" model version comes with the new PACER CRAG "Glass Cockpit" panel by Scott Shuford. Features working flaps and spoilers,night lighting and landing lights. By Dale W. Jackson - crew chief on the KC-135T Fairchild AFB, WA. 1.9MB

FS98/FS2000 JointStar E-8. The aircraft has a 14 sided fuselage and 12 sided engines. And the paint is as acurate as possible Notes: This Aircraft is designed to be a link between the Army gournd forces and the Airbone forces of the Air Force. Base on the venerable 707 air frame. This aircraft is modeled after the aircraft at Warner Robins AFB GA. Designed at Painted by Ken Blanks. 432K



BREGUET 1050 ALIZE Flew her maiden flight on the 5th of october, 1956, powered by a Rolls-Royce turboprop. She was fitted with an american radar. On the 15 of november, 1957, the French Navy Air Force took reception of its first Alize to test it. One hundred aircraft were supposed to be delivered but only 75 of them reached the French Navy Air Force due to a budget cut. The Indian Navy Air Force showed an interest in this aircraft and 12 of them were delivered to India. Hervé DEVRED. 450K


FS98 Blackburn Beverley C MK1 RAF general purpose heavy lift freighter XH119 No 30 Squadron RAF Middle East Accurate shape model with all moving parts Includes panel and sounds By Ralph Pegram. 1.4MB

XB-70 Air File. this is a replacement .air file for xb-70.zip by Gabora Bara. (page 14)It makes the XB-70 flyable. It is set as a true canard so expect the nose to come up quick. This air file has been flight tested and you should be able to cruise a Mach.97 @ FL60. 4K



CF-104 - is a representation of what would have been seen over the skies of Europe in the 70's and early 80's. It is painted in the green on blue NATO scheme of the day. This dual seat starfighter has full moving parts (flaps, slats, gear, stabilator, ailerons, rudder, airbrakes) EXTREMELY accurate flight model, and a fun yet challenging aircraft to fly. Original by Tomo Chang. Repaint by Jamie Rimmer. 91K


E-3A AWACS and E-8 Joint Star. The E-6A TACAMO is the relay center between the Navy's Balistic Submarine Fleet and there other forces. Designed by Ken Blanks. 72K

RAF VULCAN B.2 (617SQN) in anti-flash white. Moving Parts. Includes authentic sounds. For CFS and FS98 only. NOT FS2000!! Designed By Graham 'dotcom' Waterfield. Textures by Robert A Fett. 810K




FS98 KC-135E(58-0087)This aircraft Includes a Moving Boom, 14 sided fuselage (6 sided engines) moving gear & flaps.This aircraft is modeled after a KC-135E(58-0087) of the 150th Air Refueling Squadron, 1170th Air Refueling Group, New Jersey Air National Guard. The 150th is based out of McGuire Afb. Designed By: Ken Blanks Art Work By: Ken Blanks. Panel By Paul Golding. 1.9MB



FS2000/FS98 British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) TSR2. A ground breaking aircraft, the TSR 2 while undeniably over budget had the potential to become the best of its kind. Political intervention was to prevent this becoming a reality and to this day TSR2 remains a continued source of facination. Its performance on cancellation had exceeded that expected at that time of the test programme. with sounds by Mike Hambly, Panel from Phil Perrot original. By Phil Hartley. 2.2MB