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Canadian Airforce CF-104. The CF-104 served faithfully in the CAF from 1961 to 1986. 268 aircraft were purchased. Over half of those were eventually written off while in service, earning the starfighter its nickname "The Widow Maker." The smokey sillouhettes of the old 104's could be seen in the skies of western Europe for a number of years as they flew and died with 37 Canadian pilots, honoring Canada's commitment to NATO. This repaint of Tomo Chang's original, represents number '784 which is now the pedestal mounted gate guardian at former CFB Lahr in Germany. Repaint by Jamie Rimmer. 110K


FS98/FS2000 SAAB J29F Flygande Tunnan. The J29 'The Flying Barrel' served the Swedish Air Force 1955-76. It was the first jet aircaft with swept wings, designed by SAAB. In May 1954, the J29 became the world's fastest aircraft with 977 km/h over a 500 km distance. The J29 also served in Kongo for UN in the 1960's. Now with moving parts. By Bertil Nilsson. 75K


Aermacchi MB326, for FS98 by Massimo Taccoli. This model is a fully rework and improvement, with Abacus AF99, of my former Fs98 model, with moving parts ,3d transparent canopy, airbrake, engine intake and undercarriage wheel bay. Textures for an RAAF MB326 example as used by Operational Conversion Unit based at Williamtown in New South Wales. 131K



TF-104G is a representation of what would have been seen over the skies of Italy since 1963. It is painted in the standard green on gray NATO scheme used by Italian ari force. This dual seat starfighter has full moving parts (flaps, slats, gear, stabilator, ailerons, rudder, airbrakes) Accurate flight model, and a fun yet challenging aircraft to fly. Original by Tomo Chang. Repaint by Rucchin Gabriele. 289K


Panavia Tornado F3 ZG776 / HN 111 Squadron RAF Leuchars FS98 model by Massimo Taccoli December 1999 New FDE file By Sam Chin. Repaint by Gavin Mclean. 137K

F16A Fighting Falcon - FA-82 31Smaldeel(Squadron) Belgian Air Force. Seen her in the scheme that was applied for the Tiger Meet 1994 held at Cambrai. with th yellow and gold 31 on the starboard side and the Tiger bursting through on the port side. Rune Foshaug : original model, repaint by Colin Norwood. 117K

FS98/FS2000/CFS Lockheed Sr-71 aircraft with RSO cockpit. You can sit into the aft cockpit with one click. Photorealistic panels and cockpit interior based on original pictures. Perspective distorted and shaded gauges to fit into the original photos. Sounds and sr-71a model included. By Peter Pellionis. 3.3MB

FS98/CFS/FS2000 F4C Phantom II from 57FIS based at Keflavik Iceland... had this scheme applied to 4 aircraft that participated in the William Tell competition held at Tyndal AFB Florida Updated to include moving control surfaces, flaps, gear, afterburner, 3D pilots and glass canopy original afx by Michael Gurezka Remodelled and painted by Colin Norwood. 126K


CFS/FS98/FS2000 F4J Phantom II 153088 from VX-4 based at NAS Point Mugu in California, This special scheme was applied to celebrate the Bicentennial year of 1976..... Updated version including full animation of gear, flaps,ailerons,rudder,3d pilots,glass canopy and afterburners - Michael Gurezka: original Model, revised by Colin Norwood. 121K


FS98 Hawker Hunter in the colors of the Fuerza Aerea de Chile. This aircraft operated in the Grupo 8 in Cerro Moreno (Antofagasta). Original: Painted: Javier Barros S.. Note: No moving parts. 36K