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Design Tutorials

Creating a WWII style framed canopy in FSDS. Tutorial by Dave Eckert. Zip file download. 1.1MB
Creating a Landing Light and Beam in FSDS. Tutorial by Dave Eckert. Zip file download. 413K
Texturing Basics using Corel DRAW. While this tutorial demonstrates basic texturing techniques using Corel DRAW, most of the information offered can be applied to most any painting program. Tutorial by Dave Eckert. Zip file download. 2.5MB
Creating Antenna and Guide wires in FSDS. Tutorial by Dave Eckert. Zip file download. 256K

So You Want to Build a Dynamic Virtual Cockpit! A tutorial for Abacus FS Design Studio Pro by J.P. Amodea A step-by-step tutorial aimed at the experienced 3D modeller and wouldbe modeller alike. Anyone who has built a virtual aircraft with DS Pro may add a spectacular active instruments 3D cockpit with a little extra effort. No arcane knowledge required. Enjoy! Joe Amodea. 1.6MB

FSDS 3D Gearbay tutorial. Learn how to create 3D gearbays with no bleed through. By Mike Crosthwaite. 225K
Scenery Design Whitepaper for FS2K and Airport 2.10 This html-document reflects the current state of knowledge about scenery design with APT2.10 for FS2K as collected by the authors and by messages in the scenery design forum of flightsim.com. Authors: Martin Wright, Andreas Klisch, Ralf-J. Triebel. 1.8MB
FS2000 Scenery Design Tutorial. This download includes a document for scenery designers with the results of my researches of the FS2000 basic terrain. It describes the "masking" by sequences of th 32x2048 "mXX" bitmaps to smoothen the overlapping ground bitmaps. A technic which seems to be responsible for a part of the low framerates in FS2000 and some other effects. by Ralf-J. Triebel (X_MAT). 22K
Hitch-hikers Guide to .AIR Files. All you need to know to adjust & modify the handling characteristics of your aircraft. File size 619004.
FS2000 Scenery-Design - How to make Taxiways A description how to make good looking taxiways without programming in Airport 2.10 By Jens Wilke. 7K
Repainting Textures with Paint Shop Pro By Hugh Shoults. Contains PSP textures for Gryphon Aviation P-38 for CFS2. 9MB

Simple instructions to add Alain Capts ACS GPS or the FS2K default GPS to any panel of your choice. By Steve Burnett. 113K

HOW TO BUILD DIGITAL ELEVATIONS MAPS FS2000 and get sucesfull copilation for use with the Microsoft´s SDK IV tutorial tools. Included a tutorial with a lot of new information, a new version of the grises.exe program to convert gray scaled bitmap to DEM, and a terrain bgl of Santander . By Jokin Bedialauneta. 1.3MB
How to design photorealistic terrain for for Flight Simulator 2000 Tutorial by Andras Kozma. 82K

Night Light Effects For FS2000 V1.2 This tutorial includes a detailed discription of the procedure and example/lesson for adding night light effects to FS 2000 Aircraft. Requires M98toBgl V3.40, Scasm 2.39 and Source2mdl. Compatibility with FS Night Light Creator unknown, for it was released after the completion of this version. This tutorial was made by Marco Rensen. 680K

DirectSound, DirectMusic and DirectShow SDK/tutorial for FS2000/CFS/FS98 gauges using FS98 and FS2K SDK programming. The sample gauges demonstrate "clicking" switches with alternating playback of WAV and MIDI song files, sound mixing and adjustable relative volume controls, and playback of embedded resources as well as files in directories. DirectShow enables playback of a wide variety of audio files including MP3. Included source code compiles with VC++6, either from the IDE or the DOS command line. By R.L. Clark. 2.6MB
Texturing Ground Polygons Tutorial by Kim Humphreys This file is the result of my experiments with texturing ground polygons so that apron lines, numbers, bays etc can be texured onto ground polygons more accurately. 262K
FS2000 and CFS Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.12 Not for non-programmers but can be used by non-C programmers. MSFSsound update to both FS98 and FS2K versions. Real ADF2 now available. Many minor updates and corrections. FINAL ISSUE. Dai Griffiths, Dragonflight Design.. 3.2MB
How to Paint/Repaint Aircraft Tutorial. You will need to have an acrobat reader in order to read this file. All work is the property of Jim Oates. 170K
Simon Jamie's painting tutorial This has been produced at the request of my readers. Kind regards Jim Oates. 440K

Gryphon Aviation Painting Tutorials - Including

G-Max Tutorials at Simviation

Chris Cookson's Gmax Site - Excellent!

Fraser Turner's FSDS to gmax to mdl tutorial - Excellent!

FS2002 Smoke display tutorial and addon for the "me329.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false"> Messerschmitt Aero Racer By Steve ( Ratt ) Robinson. This installs a 7 colour smoke system to the Me329 Aero racer. Also included is a tutorial on how to add display smoke to any aircraft in any colour and have as many smoke trails you desire coming from any location of the aircraft. It may also give an insight to the other effects files already in the FS2002 simulation. 211K
Painting the default FS2002 Boeing 747-400 Correctly. By Craig 'Whitey' White - link to page
Scenery Tutorial: This tutorial package includes: TXT2ASM.exe A file to assist the creation of BGLC code, by Christian Stock TMFMacros.inc A BGLC macro file, by Christian Stock CFS2TMFmacros.inc A BGLC macro file, by Richard Ludowise README.txt Obligatory "thank yous" and commercial restriction notice FileID.txt This document TMF-BGLC Design v1.doc A FS2002 and CFS2 TMF design tutorial that will help in the creation of the following TMF file types: water, mesh-clinging water, land, and FS2002 TMF flattens. Support macros for BGLC are included. Richard Ludowise. 114K
3 View Setup Tutorial. A nice little tutorial on how to prepare drawings and PROPERLY set up a those drawings in gMax and 3ds Max. Preparation is the key and this will start you off right! By Kevin Ryan . 1.6MB



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