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Helicopters Page 18
FS2004 Bell JetRanger Flight Simulator 98 Texture Scheme - Redux Flight Simulator 98 Bell JetRanger texture kit for the default Flight Simulator 2004 Bell JetRanger helicopter. These textures reproduce the original Flight Simulator helicopter paint scheme. Flight Simulator 98 was the first commercial Flight Simulator for a PC platform to have the first true helicopter simulation. Steven Rosenow. 2.5MB
FS2004 Bell JetRanger - Silver Metallic Finish This is a repaint of the default Bell JetRanger III. This repaints the Bell JetRanger in a nice, plain silver metallic finish. The interior is nicely done in blue carpet, tan cloth seating and dark trim contrasts. The repaint also features more accurate Bell JetRanger details, including rivet lines on the fuselage, and tailshaft cover rivet and joint lines. Full installation instructions found in ReadMe_Install.txt file. Bell JetRanger - Steven Rosenow. 2.8MB
FS2004 RAF Chinook CH-47 Textures only. Requires Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's CH-47 here. By Dave Charlton. 2.1MB
FS2004/2002 Hughes 500MD INAC (Instituto Nacional de Aviacion Civil) livery. Original model by Björn Büchner. Repaint By Franco Carluccio. 986K
FS2004 RAF Chinook HC2 4 SQN - 4 Sqn Textures. Requires Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's CH-47 here. By Dave Charlton. 4.8MB
FS2004 Bell 204B. This Version of the Bell 204 (TH1L Huey) includes a paint of Ventura County, the panel which I have included is also my own. This helicopter is fully animated (Pilots and cargo doors, horizontal stabilizer, main and tail rotor full animation and tilt) and upgraded with the "Huey" sound package and designed with FSDSv2. Model: Lynn Rogers. Paint: Joerg Zeitschel. 7MB

FS 2004 Dauphin AS365N with Photorealistic cockpit : Repaint of the cockpit of the famous Dauphin with photorealist textures. Original Aircraft by Antti Pankkonen. External repain by Florian Laroye. 5.2MB

FS2004/2002 AS350 Ecureuil Defence Helicopter Flying School Textures only. This aircraft is of the DHFS, (Defence Helicopter Flying School) This is a repaint of the AS350 (requires here) by Tamas Nemeth and Peter Nemeth. Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual-Aviation UK. 3.3MB

FS2004 Eurocpoter 135 Trauma Helicopter PH-ULP (Germany). Paint by Jan de Boer. 35MB

FS2004 Westland Seaking MK48 Package: The Sea King helicopters of the 40th Squadron are the guardian angels, which defy weather and sea, to provide help to military personnel in need (and civilians on land and sea emergencies). The helicopters are recently updated with the newest search and rescue radar connected to a satellite navigationsystem and an infrared heathcamera to aid the crew in bad weather conditions and night operations. This way they can operate in the best conditions required to fulfil their assignments. Aircraft, textures and panel : Willy Vervaecke. 5MB

FS2004 Westland Sea king Mk48 RAF Rescue Yellow Scheme. Aircraft, and panel : Willy Vervaecke, Textures by Dave Charleton. 6.9MB