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CFS/FS98 Czechoslovak MiG-15UTI Two seated version of MiG-15 fighter. Czechoslovak marking for this plane is CS-102. Original by Mike Hill and Mikko Maliniemi. Repaint by Bobby Stilz. 52K

CFS/FS98 Aero L39C Albatros L39 is a Czechoslovak two-seat jet trainer. It's used for basic as well as for advanced pilot trainig.Since 1971 almost 3,000 planes were produced.Fs98 model features full moving parts.This is a simplified version of my FS2000 model. Flight dynamics was also specialy tuned and was valued by a real L39 pilot. By Milan Lisner (CVA Design). 299K


Sea Harrier FRS1 belonging to 800 sqn (Royal Navy) during the Falklands Conflict of 1982. Although an older model (No moving parts) it does fly amazingly well !!!!!! Probably the best V/STOL out there. Includes DP file but the guns aren't positioned too well. Original By Bill Cusick. Repaint By Robert A Fett (RAF667_Biggles). 164K



CFS/FS98 MiG23MF Czech Air Force color scheme "Hellfighter" 50th anniversary foundation of 1.fighter group - 1994 ( Moving parts: wing sweep, gears, flaps, elevator, rudder. air brakes ) Original afx by Eric Johnson, Modified and repainted by Milan Lisner. 188K



FS98/FS2000 Douglas A-1J Skyraider USAF The Douglas A-1 Skyraider is by many considered to be the best close support aircraft ever built. This Douglas Skyraider is painted to represent 42029 an A-1J flown by the 56th Special Operation Wing, 602nd Fighter Squadron.The 602nd FS was based at NKP AB in Thailand. This aircraft have full Moving parts. Rebuild & Repaint by Ed Allen. Original design by Massimo Taccoli. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kj°lberg. 1.7MB


Aircraft, panel, sound for FS98: Lockheed U-2R & U-2S Dragon Lady Tis model represents the U-2 #80-096, currently based at Beale AFB, CA. It was originally built as an U-2R in 1981, but it was modified to an U-2S in 1994 by being equipped with a new engine. This package includes two flight models representing #80-096 before and after the modification. Designer: Gregor C. Gebel. 2.3MB


KC-135E(58-0087) of the 150th Air Refueling Squadron,This aircraft Include's a Moveing Boom, 14 sided fuselage and full moveing parts This aircraft is modeled after a 1170th Air Refueuling Group, New Jersey Air National Gaurd. The 150th is based out of McGuire Afb. Desined By: Ken Blanks Art Work By: Ken Blanks. 1.9MB - Gauges missing in this file - Suggest you get an alternative 707 Panel.



FS98/FS2000/CFS Eurofighter Typhoon of the 111st Squadron, Royal Air Force. Original by G. Chiacchietta. English texture by Raoul Paolini. 150K


FS98 MIRAGE III E from the famous "Les Cigognes" squadron. That plane is flown by Lt Ernest Laverdure in the famous Comics "Tanguy and Laverdure". Original plane by Paul Kimberling, Alexandre Mugny and Joel Branchu. Repainting by Renaud Dudon. That file is to be used with my Mirage IIIC panel that you can download from this site. 268K

Updated AIR and Aircraft.CFG files for my "Laverdure" Mirage IIIE( lavfix.zip).


FS98/CFS/FS2000 F-14A VF-2 Tomcat FS98/CFS/FS2000 F-14A VF-2 Bounty Hunters Tomcat. A Grumman Tomcat twin engine jet fighter featuring working tail hook, stabilizer, moving gear and flaps. Original by Scott Danko. Repaint by Yosuke Ube. 286K