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FS98 version Soviet Airforce An-22 "Antei" Version 2.0 This model s/n 05-10 was the only An-22 ever to fly in a camouflage livery, the rest flew in a civil Aeroflot livery. The Antonov An-22 is the biggest turboprop plane ever build in serieproduction. In total 68 were build, the first one made it's maiden flight in 1965. It has four turboprop engines which drive large contra-rotating propellers, each with a diameter of 6 meters (20 feet). The An-22 set a number of world records, including no fewer than 14 payload-to-height marks on one occasion in 1967. Flightsim version is designed up to the limit of AF99/AA, almost 1000 parts, 12 sided main fuselage, detailed and accurate textures, accurate flightmodel, moving contra-rotation props, moving flaps. Designed by Marcel Ritzema. c. 200K



FS98 T-38A Talon Portuguese Air Force. Original model: Captain Slug Repainted by: Joćo Corredeira. 168K


FS98/CFS/FS2000 F-16A FAP F16A Fighting Falcon of the Portuguese Air Force. T Updated to include moving control surfaces, flaps, gear, afterburner, 3D pilot and glass canopy original afx by Rune Foshaug Remodelled by Colin Norwood Repaint by Joao_Corredeira. 128K


FS98/FS2000/CFS1/CFS2 TA-4J Skyhawk 'VC-8'. Douglas TA-4j Skyhawk of VC-8 'Redtails' operating out of Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. Bu. No. 154312. VC-8 is today the last US Navy squadron to fly the TA-4j Skyhawk. Original by Deane Baunton. Moving Parts by Lewis Magruder. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kjųlberg. 221K

FS98/2000 LOCKHEED MARTIN C-130H (L-382C-25D) CH-04 cn 25D-4467 of Belgium Air Force in their current new grey livery.This aircraft it is operating for 21 Smaldeel from Brussels Melsbroek Air Base to world destinations for military and humanitarian missions. AF99/AA Design and Graphics by Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem Belgian Air Force Livery by David Bracci Premier Aircraft Design. 131K


FS98 Lockheed KC-130F Hercules ver2 is an all New KC130F design with full moving parts. It is painted in the US Marine's Rainbow Livery. Aircraft Tail Number: 147573. This aircraft is the oldest C130 in the US Marine Corps inventory and is based at the MCAS Futenma, Okinawa Japan. Design and Paint by Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem Premier Aircraft Design. 76K

FS98/CFS F/a-18 Hornet Navy F/a-18 Hornet VFA-146 "Blue Diamonds" moving parts, centerline stores for extended range, landing lights, spoilers set up for carrier landings. Original design: B. Arnett Textures: Gary D. Jones Design Modification/Dynamics/Paint: Lewis Magruder. 1.2MB

FS98 LOCKHEED P-3C ORION, USN VP11 Moving parts version Lockheed P-3C (Update II) operated by VP-11 based at NAS Brunswick Maine. Aircraft are used on anti-submarine patrols but have an additional anti-shipping capacity when carrying Harpoon SSMs. Has opening weapons bay using spoiler command. 'Reverse engineered' by Harry Follas from original Electra by Kevin Trinkle. Flight Model by Mike Vidal . Sound by Mike Hambly. 2MB




FS98 1972 RDAF Lockheed TF104G This TF-104G is a representation of RT-654 s/n 12654 as it looked i 1972 when serving with ESK. 726 Royal Danish Airforce at Aalborg AFB. RT-654 Was originaly delivered to RCAF but sold on as surplus in the early 70's Allthough designed for training and conversion duties the danish TF104G were fully capable of operating as fighter/bombers. Original Tomo Chang Danish repaint : Torben Svane. 118K



FS98 or FS2000 Lockheed EC-130V AWACS ver2. In 1991 the USCG HC-130H #1721 was converted into a EC-130V AWACS air-surveillance version equipped with an E-2C's AN/APS-125 radar. All New EC-130V design with full moving parts. A/C Design and Paint by Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem Premier Aircraft Design, 150K