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Why? Simviation has been a top global site for freeware add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator & Combat Flight Simulator since 1998. Providing 300 Gigabytes of files every day to our users is an expensive business - running to thousands of dollars every month. No-one would deny that this cost has to be met & advertising alone will not do this.

In order for Simviation to remain in existence & grow we are offering this optional Premier Membership for those who wish to join. All files will remain totally available to users whether you join or not - no fee is required - but anyone wishing to support & join Simviation as a Premier Member will be able to avail of added benefits listed above with more to follow through the months.

It must be emphasised that this Membership is not required to use the site or download files. It is an optional upgrade - allowing users added benefits when accessing Simviation.



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