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Helicopters Page 11


FS2000 Airwolf by Alan Devins FSDS Model and Panel by Alan Devins Sound files supplied by Bas Wolswijk. 1.7MB
FS2000 ALOUETTE III Royal Netherlands Airforce Grasshoppers Demo-team The Grasshopper Helicopter Stuntteam is known all over the world and was the only helicopter demoteam in the world. Due to the mothballing of the AL3 the unit is disbanded. This helicopter was designed with fsds for FS2000. It has animated rotor blades, transparent windows, a highly realistic Panel and realistic sounds by Fabien Prevost. Original by Wolfgang Kulhanek Repaint by: Bjorn Groen. 1.9MB
FS2000 Redwolf Model and Panel by Alan Devins Sound files supplied by Bas Wolswijk. 2.3MB
FS2000 Los Angeles Police Department - Air Support To Routine Operations Division (ASTRO) Bell Helicopter Textron Model 206B Jetranger III N250CA. Uses the FS2000 model - complete aircraft - does not replace the default 206. 389K



FS2000 MD Helicopters 900 Explorer in factory colors. FSDS model with transparent windows, etc. Includes generic panel & sounds. By Pete Daly. FSC Available on request. 1.5MB

FS2000 Bell 430 with Panel & sounds. Original FS98 Model by Shlomo Hakim Repainted by Alan Szabo. 365K


FS2000 EC 135 Bundeswehr (german army) or Bundesgrenzschutz (german border patrol). A FSDS Model with transparent windows, etc. Patrick Freitag 5.2MB



FS2000 EC 135 ADAC (German Air Rescue). A FSDS Model with transparent windows, etc. Patrick Freitag 1.1MB

FS2000 U.S. Army CH-37 "Mojave" Multi-engine, single rotor, cargo helicoper with retractable gear. U. S. Army Photoreal instrument panel, retractable gear, rotor cones when you pull pitch. Rebuilt, repainted, and updated by David Kane. 4.7MB


FS2000 Boeing AH-64 Apache. With transparent windows, panels & sounds. Designed by: Graham Brendan. Panel and Sound System by:Manuel Gonzalez. 4.5MB

FSC file for above - for use by developers in FS Design Studio only. 766K

Bell 206L For FS2000 Sound System - With Texture BPM ,Panel & FS98 based Model created by Ian Standfast. Repaint and dynamics by Gen. Marcello LUGARI. Panel And Sound System by:Manuel Gonzalez. 5.7MB


HH-65A with Panel & Sound System & enhanced Texture ( Red ) Model created by: Ian Standfast, Panel by Ian Standfast, modified by Manuel Gonzalez Sound System by:Manuel Gonzalez. 4.8MB