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Questions About Simviation.com & Using the Site


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Problems Accessing Files? Please read this

Simviation: Simviation began as 'The Strip' in 1998, aiming to support Flight Simulator 98 with easy to install add-ons & information. 'Simviation.com' was born shortly after as it became obvious there was a lot of interest in the area of Microsoft FS & CFS add-ons. 'The Strip' can be viewed here!

Simviation is now firmly established as one of the top 3 websites on the globe supporting the ever growing hobby of Flight Simulation & Air Combat Simulation - with the Microsoft Flight Simulator & Combat Flight Simulator series being by far the most popular & well established in this area.

Mission: The aim of Simviation has always been to promote & encourage the great hobby of Flight Simulation in the following ways:

  • Present flaw free, high quality & correctly assembled add-ons
  • Prevent users giving up on the hobby by providing easy access to information for resolving problems
  • Provide easy to access information on installing add-ons & improving the way you experience PC Flight Simulation
  • Provide information for users wishing to explore the area of Flight Simulator Development - in the way of providing easy access to Design Programs & information on how to use these & where to learn more

We want you to have a great time using our site & contributed files! We count the quality of our content & pages as absolute priority & our main aim has always been user satisfaction. If your experience of using Flight Simulator or Combat Flight Simulator has been enhanced by your use of Simviation then our mission has worked!

Our Choice of Advertisers: Simviation is VERY careful about selecting non invasive advertising. Our primary agency, Fastclick, is one of the most respectable in the industry. We will take immediate action against any suspected 'spyware' or any ad reported to cause user problems. If you experience any invasive advertising or other problems please report this & the issue will be resolved as a matter of urgency.





Trouble accessing files or pages?

All files on Simviation are fully accessible & free to download. If you are having problems please read this section.

With almost no exception - all sites on the internet suffer technical problems from time to time. In addition to this the network itself (the Internet) can suffer traffic jams similar to those on a highway. All our links & pages should be accessible at all times & we do everything we can to correct & repair any link problems when they are exposed. During peek times some difficulty may be experienced accessing files or pages. Our own constant monitoring indicates this is usually more an ISP or network problem rather than our servers or immediate network.

You can determine the cause of your access problem in Windows by going to Start - Run & type 'tracert www.simviation.com' & watch what happens on the black screen. Any '*' or 'timed out' indicates a connection problem. If the problem ends at our end then we are experiencing difficulties. Otherwise the problem is a network or your immediate ISP one.

Common Reasons for Connection Difficulties:

  • Problematic Web Browser - The latest versions of Internet Explorer have default settings which can sometimes cause several problems. We recommend trying Firefox
  • Firewall - Many user problems are resolved by switching off firewall when accessing & downloading files. Setting Internet Security settings too high in your browser or firewall may also restrict access.
  • FTP server issues. For those using our free FTP server, make sure your browser or download manager can connect to FTP downloads & that any download managers are not trying to make multiple connections. It may be necessary to disable your download manager.If you need to use a Download Manager - we recommend Get Right. Our FTP server delivers download speeds up to 30KBPS.
  • If you want faster speeds please join as a Premier Member. Premier members have no bandwidth restrictions & can connect to our faster http server.
  • Connecting through a proxy server may cause problems.
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) - Providers vary widely in quality. If you feel you are getting a bad connection with your ISP - vote with your wallet - get a new ISP

Specific questions may be asked on our site forums



Using Simviation should be an interesting, fun & trouble free experience.

Files: Files are stored on 2 different servers to spread the load. To download a file simply click on the name of the file. During peak times it may be necessary to wait a short time for the download to start.

Forums: Our forums are a welcome & helpful place to find answers to your questions & communicate with fellow Flight Simulator, Combat Flight Simulator & general aviation enthusiasts. Simviation insists on a friendly attitude in our forums & trouble makers or anyone wishing to cause any negative feelings is soon weeded out & banned. Joining is a simple process but please remember to use letter &/or number usernames & passwords with no spaces or odd digits such as '~'. Access our forums here

Site Pages: As of January 2004 Simviation contains around 2,500 pages of files & information + several thousand pages of forum entries. . Our unique approach to categorising files has been one of our major attractions to users - most of whom have a preference in their Flight Simming - be it Vintage, Civil Jets, Military ... etc. We wish you to enjoy our site at all times. If a problem is experienced please contact Webmaster & we will resolve the issue quickly.

Broken Links: If you receive a 'Forbidden' message this means the link has broken. Reports of broken links are always appreciated & fixed straight away or as soon as possible. Please go here to report any broken links.


Credits (in random order)
  • Add-on Designers: Without these great guys & gals this whole hobby would barely exist. Please remember to drop a note of thanks to the author of any file you enjoy. This alone will help our hobby more than any other single factor!


  • Community Team: (all in random order)
    • Danny Bloom
    • Robert Hawkins
    • Mark Osborne
    • Dave Tuohy
    • John Baymore
    • Felix Rodriguez
    • Roger Turland
    • Pete Daly
    • Sean Morrissey
  • Technical Contributors
    • Alan Wilson
    • John Paul Altreides
    • Dan Parming
    • Jamie Kupka
    • Steve Cotton
    • Marina Brown
    • Tom Kiblin
    • Oleg Dubas
    • Cristian Rusu
    • Chris MacDonald
  • Webmaster
    • Pete Daly
  • Primary Site Contributors (random order)
    • Hendrik J (OMC'99)
    • Doug Attrell - Founding Contributor
    • Dave Eckert
    • Brett Henderson
    • Alejandro Rojas Lucena
    • Andrew Bell
    • Andy Louis
    • Barry Blaisdell
    • Jean-Pierre Brisard
    • Rick Piper
    • Nick Needham
    • Bob May
    • Dino Cattaneo
    • Mauro Giacomazzi
    • Roland Laborie
    • Kevin Ryan
    • Charles Bain - Historic Aircraft Section
    • Crowhorse
    • Patrice Grange
    • Kirk Olssen
    • Steve Hinson
    • Bob Chicilo
    • Paul Clawson
    • Massimo Taccoli
    • A.F Scrub
    • Joe Amodea
    • Bruce Fitzgerald
    • Chuck Dome
    • Yannick Lavigne
    • J.E.Narcizo
    • Ricardo Batalha
    • Steve Daly
    • Roger Mole
    • Warwick Carter
    • Mike Stone
    • Esa Kaihlanen
    • Jean-Pierre Bourgeois
    • Jean-Pierre Langer
    • Jason Terry
    • Colin Norwood
    • Massimo Altieri
    • Rien Cornelissen
    • Rey Lopez
    • Mark Rooks
    • Don Gilham
    • Ric Barker
    • Hugh Shoults
    • Marc Renaud
    • Lee Swordy
    • Garry Smith
    • Steve McClelland
    • Craig White
    • Richie Barrett
  • All Express (Premier) Members without whose support we could not exist.