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FS2000 SAAB 35S DRAKEN DK-223 FAF Last Draken manufactured in Finland. This model have markings that used in 1990's. This FSDS design includes animated elevons, speed brakes, rudder, retractive rolling wheels, moving pilot head. Pilot texture by Mikko Maliniemi. Technical information by Tatu Köykkä. Designed by Kari Virtanen. 2.6MB

FS2000 aircraft - RAF Jaguar GR1A. RAF Jaguar GR1A with Moving parts for FS2000 ONLY This example is in the low level, green and grey camouflage with 54 Squadron markings, blue and yellow check and rampant lion. 54 Sqn is based at RAF Coltishall, Norfolk, England. The aircraft is fitted with overwing sidewinder missiles. Underwing stores consist of two drop tanks, ALQ-101 ECM pod and Phimat chaff dispenser. Two 1000lb HE bombs are fitted on the centreline pylon, or can be removed using the nav lights key. Flaps and slats are animated together with the undercarriage and airbrakes. Animated roll control spoilers effect and pilot head moves with rudder deflection. Produced using Abacus FSDS. Model and textures by Tyler Gladman, Air file by Keith Clifford. 1.4MB

FSC File & texture files for this aircraft for use in FS Design Studio. 1.5MB


target="_blank">FS2000 Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle. The F-15E can reach speeds exceeding Mach2 It can carry up to 23,000lbs of payload, including Dumb/Smart air-to-ground weapons and guided air-to-air weapons. This F-15E is textured for the 391st "Bold Tigers" of the 366th Composite Wing. Features moving parts, Working A/B, working A/B visuals, Lighting effects, moving nozzles, 3d pilots and a DVC. Model by Kotaro Akikawa. 3.7MB
target="_blank">FS2000/CFS2 A-10 Thunderbolt II (This is a armed and weathered version of my OA-10). Aircraft comes with 3D gear bay's, full moving parts (landing gear, nose wheel, spinning wheels, control surfaces, airbrakes, and pilothead). The A-10 is used for close air support with the primary role of destroying enemy armour. Aircraft made with FS Design Studio Pro. Visual model by Kirk Olsson. 1.9MB

FS2000 Folland Gnat T Mk1 - Red Arrows. An original FSDS design. There are two versions of the Gnat here, a lite sound version and the full sound version. Whichever you choose to install I hope you enjoy the aircraft. Brian Franklin.

Lite version (you can choose your own sounds here). 2.6MB

Full version with sound files included. 9MB

target="_blank">FS2000 Pro PoAF F-16A F-16A Fighting Falcon of Portuguese Air Force. Highly detailed with photo realistic textures. Includes high visibility panel, hi-res virtual cockpit & moving parts. Design by Dino Cattaneo and textures by Tiago Costa. 2.8MB
FS2000 aircraft - FAP F-16A Fighting Falcon The F-16's history in Portugal takes us back to the year of 1991, when, due to the "hole" left by the F-86F Sabre, Portugal didn't have any fighter aircraft to defend the Portuguese air space. Then Portugal ordered to the U.S.A. 25 F-16 A and 4 F-16B. Later Portugal oredered more 20 F-16, being 17 the F-16A and 3 F-16B. Nowadays the F-16's are based at Monte Real Air Base (AB nr.5). Altough the F-16 is used by the squadron 201 the Falcons. This aircraft has a moving nozzle with different interior textures, texture of afterburner (instead of yellow circle), modified navigation and strobe light, add light beam of landing and taxi light, and others. By Giuseppe Chiacchietta (Bepino) Repainted by: João Corredeira. 2.3MB
FS2000/CFS2 FAP North American F-86F Sabre The F-86F Sabre served with the PoAF from 1958 to 1980, with 65 units. Many PoAF Sabre fought in the Colonial war, with the Fiat G.91, T-6, Allouette II and III. This particular F-86F is currently at the Alverca air museum. features full moving parts including rotating wheels and steerable nose gear. CFS2 files included. Model and panel by: Hayden Scott-Williams (Fang V^V) Repainted by: João Corredeira. 2.3MB

FS2000 SAAB J 35J DRAKEN F10-14 SWEDISH AF Latest Draken version in Sweden. In 1987- 91 Sweden rebuilt 66 J 35F:s. Last flight was 1998. Sounds by Oxyd. Pilot texture by Mikko Maliniemi. Technical information by Tatu Köykkä. Designed by Kari Virtanen. 5.9MB


FS2000 DENEL CHEETAH D TFDC The Denel Cheetah D is the South African upgrade of the Mirage III airframe and resemble IAI Kfirs. This aircraft represents No.845 of the Test Flight and Development Centre(TFDC), SAAF. Aircraft has moving gear, elevators, airbrakes and FS2000 512x512 8-bit textures. F7/8 key deploys the drag- chute. Aircraft by Jason Ashworth. Base textures by Neels Smit. Modified textures by Frank Safranek. 124K