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FS2004 Paris Orly LFPO AFCAD2. A total of 106 gates are available. All gates have their centerlines and stop-lines for better positioning and are lighted at night. Other features are included such as holding bay, helicopter area or tower view point. You need to have AFCAD2.xx by Lee SWORDY here. By Xavier Ossedat. 77K
FS2002 'Black Hawk Down' Scenery. Re-create the Oct 1993 raid in Mogadishu, Somalia. adds a replica of the real "Target Building" surrounding building placements, and the nearby "Olympic Hotel". Scenery by Angel Cruz. 1.6MB

FS 2004 High-resolution 76-m (LOD9) Terrain Mesh for Alaska and Canada. And is a continuation of a ongoing production, this is product Number 1- 04. Area covered South of " Prince Rupert North Of Ketchikan Alaska. N54 17 - 56 22 W130 134.39 This Mesh is designed to be fully intergrated with Holger Sandmann's bcmesh. Rob Gainer. NOT TESTED ON FS2002. 26MB

FS2004 "X4OX" Oxenhope private airstrip, Yorkshire, UK V2. "X4OX" Oxenhope private airfield Vol2. Improvements include better night textures, better placing of caravan park and the addition of more scenery. Now Fits in with Visual flights VFR photo scenery. This airfield sit's ontop of a valley, and sits right next to a caravan park which offers a place to stay the night or camp, and spend a relaxing time in Bronteland, Yorkshire in the UK. For FS2004 (FS2002 not checked) By Dale Sedgwick (FS-Icarus Crew). 1.8MB
FS2002 / FS2004 Windfarms of the UK Vol 1 North of England . By Dale Sedgwick This scenery places 17 wind farms into the North of England. A total of 150 individual wind generators creating enough power for nearly 45 thousand Homes annually. They are geographically correct and designed to fit perfectly with Visual flight / Getmapping VFR Photographic scenery. 339K

FS2004 LOD10 (38-m) Terrain Mesh of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska This LOD10 (38-m) add-on mesh of Glacier Bay National Park and the adjacent Lynn Canal area between Juneau and Skagway (N58-60 W134-138) is an optional (!) upgrade of gl_bay_1.zip (by Holger Sandmann and Jim Keir). It adds more detail to the mountainous areas and allows to locally override other installed Alaska add-on meshes without having to deactivate them. The USGS NED seamless digital elevation data used for this mesh have a 2-arcsec (~60-m) resolution. Thus, the compilation as LOD10 (38-m) will reveal all terrain details contained in the source data. Please read the gl_bay_1.zip read-me file for further information about the special features of the Glacier Bay Project. By Holger Sandmann. 10.6MB

FS2004 Scenery Enhancements and Terrain Mesh of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska Add-on meshes can greatly improve the detail of the FS terrain but often conflict with the inaccurate placement of the other default FS landscape elements, particularly in coastal and mountainous areas. This project showcases new methods and software that allow for semi-automated development of FS landscapes from accurate source data. The files completely replace the default FS landscape of Southeast Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park and the adjacent Lynn Canal area between Juneau and Skagway (N58-60 W134-138), including shorelines, islands, and lakes, as well as glaciers, landclass, man-made features, and a LOD9 (76-m) terrain mesh. Optional AI floatplane traffic at four seaplane bases is included. A LOD10 (38-m) mesh of the same area is available as a separate optional download. FS2002 users please use fs8glbay.zip instead. By Holger Sandmann and Jim Keir. 25.6MB

FS2004 Terrain CFG Mod. Adds all road signs, light poles and utility poles under most settings. Makes the game more realistic!!! Always back up your original files before replacing CFG files!. Eddie Batista. 22K