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Helicopters Page 15
FS 2002 - Helicopter Mi-6. Heavy soviet transport helicopter, first in the world turbo the helicopter which has established 16 world records. Animate a door, doorcargo, rotor - blade, wheel. Sounds. Essentially new aerodynamics - is adapted under the heavy Soviet cargo helicopter, closely read a manual. The author Vlad Zhyhulskiy. 875K
FS2002 AS365N3 Dauphin Air Logistics L.L.C. TEXTURES ONLY! You will need the Antti Pankkonen's AS365N3 Dauphin (below). Original by Antti Pankkonen and repainted by John Hundley. 417K
FS2002 Aerospatiale (Eurocopter) SA.365C1 Dauphin 2 helicopter. Designed and produced in GMax by Andrew Gilchrist. 2.5MB
FS2002 Atlas CSH-2 Rooivalk No 672 depicted in the colours of the South African Airforce The Rooivalk is the latest generation attack helicopter from Denel Aviation of South Africa. It has successfully completed the development, test and evaluation phase and has entered full-scale production. The helicopter is fully animated and includes custom sounds and a panel with a working hud, gps and stick. Thinus Pretorius. 1.9MB
UH1 Italian Army repaint of Jordan Moore's Huey - above. This repaint represent an AB-205 the Italian version of UH-1H Huey This chopper was in force of 44° squadron "Fenice" based at Belluno Airport (LIDB) during 1989. The Radio Callsign was Tosa 265 and it was principally used for the medical evacuation and the research over the mountains. Luca De Battista. 471K
FS 2002 - Helicopter Mil Mi-8 "Hind". Average transport helicopter of universal using, is use as passenger, transport, desant, resque and as a helicopter of fire support. Main helicopter in Russia, Ukraine and many other countries. In given models is present standard is war-transport “before afghanistani” variant “MT”. Painter in two variants: russian AF and ukrainian AF. Animate a door, doorcargo, rotor - blade, wheel. Essentially new aerodynamics - closely read a manual - Readme.txt. Sound. Model is created in Gmax 1.1. Model, texture and airdynamic Vlad Zhyhulskiy, Ukraine. 989K
AS365N3 Dauphin painted in Black Executive Colors, Virtual Cockpit also painted to match paint scheme of aircraft. You will need Antti Pankkonen's Dapuhin (below). Repaint by Ryan Caeti. 735K
GMax Aerospatiale AS365N3 Dauphin ( dauph2k2.zip )for FS2002 Includes gmax-designed model with reflective textures, virtual cockpit, 2D-panel and full set of custom gauges. The aircraft is equipped with a 4-axis autopilot capable of automatic hover and transition flight, as well as all standard autopilot functions. Created during spring and summer 2002 by Antti Pankkonen. Gauges are inside the Panel folder & sounds can be activated by reading the enclosed information. 3MB
FS2002 Hughes 500D Border Patrol. One of the world's most popular light turbine helicopters. Features moving control surfaces, a reflect map, virtual cockpit and three different colour schemes By Bjorn Buchner. 1.1MB
Securite Civile skidded Aerospatiale SA.365C1 Dauphin helicopter Author: [Andrew Gilchrist / Uplink Productions]. 2.5MB