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General Help & Tutorials
  • AFCAD & TTools - Much information in our forums & comprehensive tutorials contained inside the files - here
  • "Flight Simulation Realism" How to add more realism in your FS flights This tutorial offers tips to enhance your Flight Simulator realism. Covers: Simulated flights realism, how to make FS look real, being an experienced captain, inside the aircraft, and more! A must-have tutorial! For FS98 thru FS2004 pilots. Author: Luciano Ferreira. Download file 107K
  • "FS Quick Perfomance Guide" How to enhance performance in FS: This is a quick guide for FS pilots who are experiencing simulation problems, regarding general FS performance. Contains hardware tips for video & sound cards, FS tuning, running FS in older machines and more. By Luciano Ferreira 95K
  • AI Tutorial. Contains info about AI and more. by Royi Sher. 516K
  • SRTM Tutorial Description: Here is the tutorial with graphics to the SRTM terrain mesh provided by Stephen Rothlisberger & Simviation (available here) . By: Alex Ramos
  • Landing Tutorial with Screenshots
  • How to Tweak the Flight Dynamics of FS2004 Aircraft -
  • How to Tweak the Flight Dynamics of FS2004 Aircraft - This pdf file is an update for my tutorial on how to tweak the flight dynamics of FS004 aircraft. It has been added to and, hopefully, made more clear in what was originally in it. It is for people who want to learn, or learn more, about updating the flight dynamics of FS2004 aircraft. It won't tell you everything, but it will tell you some things the majority of flight simmers don't know about updating flight dynamics. - by Bob Chicolo
  • Heat blur Tutorial: This is a simple but effective tutorial for adding heat blur to your screenshots using Photoshop. By Sytse Zijlstra 1.1MB
  • FS2004 Round The World In A Prop :- A step-by-step guide to successful round-world flying, including comprehensive advice on choice of aircraft, route and flight planning, fuel management, navigation, dealing with weather and time-changes etc. The recommended route consists of 24 legs and the places visited include Australia, New Guinea, Japan, the Aleutians, Canada, the USA, the Azores, Gibraltar, Malta, Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Borneo, and East Timor; with plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way. Robert Christopher's excellent Lancair Legacy 2000 is recommended, but this is not essential as the trip has been designed with 'legs' of around 1000nms. and should be achievable in any of the default FS2004 props. Reasonable flying skills are required - particularly being able to land VFR (i.e. without the aid of ILS) - but explanations are included on the finer points of lining up and navigation generally, so as to cater for newcomers to FS. Tony Cooper File download 545K
  • How to Tweak the Flight Dynamics of FS2004 Aircraft (Final Edition) - This pdf file is the 6th update for my tutorial on how to tweak the flight dynamics of FS004 aircraft. I have added seven illustrations as well as some new data. This may be the last editon of this tutorial, but if the next version of the flight sim allows FS2004's aircraft to be used in it: At least some of the information in this tutorial will still be valid. Bob Chicilo. 837K
  • FS Approach Tutorial. Instrument Landing System (ILS) Guide - Common Questions regarding the ILS. - VOR Approach Information - NDB / ADF Approach Information - GPS Approach Guide - Jon Leggett. 1MB

Installing Aircraft into Flight Simulator X

How to Tweak the Flight Dynamics of FSX and FS2004 Aircraft (Final Update) -This pdf file is the 7th update for my tutorial on how to tweak the flight dynamics of FS004, and now FS X aircraft. I have added some new data, and which record to edit to have the nose level when it otherwise would be angled up. I tried to make the rest more understandable as well.. 866K

FS2004 FS2004
  • FS2004 Forum
  • FS9.cfg - Information on where to find this modifiable file & more. Forums link
  • Inside the FS2004 Instrument Rating Checkride: You've read the briefing. You've tried the checkride. Now find out what you need to know to pass it. This document explains the altitudes, the headings, the airspeed, the radio frequencies, the turns, the climbs, the descents, the timers, the "ding" messages--everything the briefing doesn't tell you about the checkride. Download file. 180K
  • FS2004 Gauges/DLL Bug Fix: How to use old gauges in FS2004. I have received a lot of questions on how to have old gauges working with my panels, because normally when FS2004 is starting, it says that could not find such gauges,etc..etc.. The problem is because most of the gauges were written for FS2002,FS2000 or FS98, and don't work properly with FS2004, but we can manage that situation by doing some simply tasks. By Paulo Afonso Pizzato. 299K
  • FS2004 Yaw Damper Solution (Download)If you are one of those that still flying with the Yaw Damper system NOT working... here's the solution. By Ioshen / José Antonio Moreno. 1.8MB
  • DC-10: A Pilot's Perspective - A unique view on flying the DC-10 - both for real & in Flight Simulator by Commercial Pilot Wayne Brown - complete with a Review of the brilliant FFX DC-10
  • FS2004 / FS2002 - "Flying the 737" This document is intented to explain the functionality and the advantages of the Boeing 737 jetliner. By Luciano Ferreira (download file - 811K)
  • FS2004 / FS2002 - "Flying the 747" This tutorial is intented to offer some technical information and flying tips about the 747-400 jetliner. Includes checklists and extra stuff. For FS2002 and FS2004 pilots.- By: Luciano Ferreira (download file. 1.4MB)
FS2002 (many will apply also to FS2004) CFS 3


FS2000 CFS2
  • CFS2 Forum
  • CFS2 FAQ (Doug Attrell)
  • CFS2 Weapons.doc is meant as a Weapons help file/ DP tutorial and was written in Word. Michael Dennis Starr. (Zip file - 11K)
  • How to add FS2000 default scenery to CFS2
  • CFS2 Improving your Framerates (written for W 98 & CFS2 but can be applied in general)
  • Repainting FS2002 & CFs2 Aircraft: an 11 page tutorial by shine master Garry Smith
  • How to make FS2002 Aircraft mdl work in CFS2 By Sergio Dolcemascolo (download file - 185K)
  • Making the AI aircraft in CFS2 Flyable
  • CFS2 Take Off Tutorial. A mini-tutorial on how to take off from any spot on the CFS2 planet without having to make an airbases.dat entry. Great for designing missions where you take off from an infrastructure runway, from inside a revetment, or anytime you want to use the TAKE OFF command where there is no formal airbase. Fully Illustrated. WORD format. By Cody Coyote
  • Cody Coyote's CFS2 Mission Building Handbook. A comprehensive guide to building missions and campaigns in CFS2. Step-by-step tutorials that will take you all the way from simple through advanced mission design, and finally to creating your own campaigns. Additional chapters on Moving Objects, Infrastructure, Hand-editing, Error messages, and many more topics are aimed at turning you into an experienced and confident mission builder. From rank novice to seasoned veteran, you will find something of value in this Handbook. Nine sample missions based on the lessons covered in the text are included. PDF format, 229 pages. By Cody Coyote. 15.4MB New!