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Helicopters Page 24
Bell 47 Textures. From the "Whirlybirds" television show that ran in the 1950's and '60's, helicopter N975B or "75Bravo". This repaint of the Gmax Bell 47 G2 by Jean-Marie Mermaz (available here) was created for the loyal 25 million viewers that watched the weekly television series, and as a tribute to Kenneth Tobey (1917-2002) who played pilot Chuck Martin. Textures for the skid model only! By Tom Heaverlo and Jeff Jankovics. 271K
SA.319B Alouette III. Commercial Transport Helicopter (CAT Heli) Textures only. Requires Alouette Rega on previous page. AG, Reichenburg, Switzerland, HB-XOO. Original Aircraft by Wolfgang Kulhanek Repaint by Pascal Küffer. 423K
SA.319B Alouette III. Schweiz.Eidgenossenschaft Textures only. Requires Alouette Rega previous page. AG, Reichenburg, Switzerland, HB-XOO. Original Aircraft by Wolfgang Kulhanek Repaint by Pascal Küffer. 363K
FS2002 GMax built Hughes MH-6 Little Bird, to accompany the GMax Blackhawks released in tandem. Features reflective glass, opening cockpit, highly detailed rotors, compressible gear legs, and sounds. By Daniel M Dunn, TLUK Aircraft Design. 2MB

FS2002 Sikorsky Blackhawks Package. . Package contains numerous H-60 Blackhawk models and textures, as well as sounds. All built in gmax; UH-60 clean, HH-60 with IFR probe, HH-60 with skis, and UH-60 with Night equipment. Textures include 160th, 55th SOS, and 210th Rescue. Model features reflective windows, moving and highly detailed rotors, opening doors, and compressible suspension. By Daniel M Dunn, TLUK Aircraft Design. 6.1MB

Sikorsky Blackhawk Package Update: - Flight dynamics and textures updates Release 1.2. 964K

FS2002 Gmax designed Bell 206L Longranger NYPD, high skid emergency floats version in New York Police Department paint scheme for Fs2002 Features: Reflective textures,Virtual cockpit and standard Fs2002 features. Model and textures by Alan Devins. 3MB

FS2002 Gmax Blue Thunder from the 1980's movie starring Roy Scheider for Fs2002 Features: Reflective textures,Specular Highlights andVirtual cockpit and moving pilots, guns and controls. Model, Sounds and textures by Alan Devins. 3MB

Update It allows the helicopter to fly up to 250Kts whilst remaining stable (as per the TV show) By Mark "Ozzy72" Osborne. 4K

Agusta A-109E POWER Hellenic Medical Service (EKAB) in Greece. The air ambulance helicopter used by Hellenic Medical Service (EKAB) in Greece. This repaint is presenting an Agusta A-109E POWER in medevac mode in service with the flying doctors of EKAB. These helicopters are flying within Hellenic Aerospace on any emergency situations. Unfortunately, three major aviation accidents happened in the last 2 years, involving these helicopters! All passengers and crew was killed. This "A-109E_EKAB_v1.zip" package is fully compatible with FS2K2 and it was created as an honor to the men & women flying doctors of EKAB Hellenic Medical Service of Greece who fly to save injured people or patients in danger all over the Aegean sea and Greek islands. It contains checklist, and a VERY completed aircraft handbook/manual which can be read with Adobe Acrobat. I've also create (starting by "zero"...) a realistic panel based on real photos and diagrams. This repaint was based on Navin Bopitiya's original model. By Nick Karatzides. 1.8MB
SIKORSKY MH-53J PAVELOW III for MS FS2002 produced using FSDS1. Features: Full FS2002 lighting Animated gear on pressing Pause in flight sim then 'G', rear load ramp with three positions 1. Closed, 2. Open in flight and 3. open on ground. Load ramp activated by pressing shift L, on the ground it drops to the floor in flight it assumes a half down position. Animated wipers on landing light activation. Also at between 6400 and 7000 the refueling probe can be activated using Shift 'L'. Once installed flares can be activated by pressing i to start and stop dispensing. NOTE: PANEL AND SOUNDS NOT INCLUDED. By David Bushell. 1.8MB
FS 2002 - Helicopter Mil Mi-6A "Hook" (GMAX, version 2). Two variants of textures - Russian & Ukrainian AF. Full new visual model and airdynamic. First in the world heavy cargo turbo-helicopter which has established 16 world records. Animate a door, doorcargo, rotor - blade, wheel. All lights. Author Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. Default panel & sounds used. 1.2MB