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Civil Jets Page 39
FS2002 KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines AI Bombardier CRJ100 TC-MAV Turkish Airlines series. for KTHY Virtual Airlines ( colors A Gmax aircraft originally made for AI use, but works just fine to use in FS2002. Features working thrust reversers, animated flaps and landing gear, night textures and reflective textures. Repainted by Abdurrahman Gundogmus. 503K
REALISTIC JET SMOKE FOR LEARJET 45- adds a realistic looking smoke from the back of the default learjet to make things seem more realistic for use with Microsoft FS2002 BY David J Ballam. 12K
Jet Airways 737-400 repaint of the default 737-400 (Textures only). Jet Airways is a major regional operator throughout India and this repaint depicts VT-JAN. Included is a voicepack to add the correct ATC callsign. Repainted by Ricky Sharma, Voicepack by Husain Bengali. 862K
FS2002 Air Pacific Boeing 737-800 DQ-FJG repainted by Adam Wright original model and paint by 2MB

FS2002 Aircraft FALCON 900B-V.3 REG: CS-TMK Vinair PORTUGAL Complete new model in GMAX with full interior views, night lights, AI recognize, effects, new Mettalic inovation colour based on real aircraft. Model: Peter Brun Performance: Patrick Saint-Dizier Sound: Aaron R. Swindle Skysong (Soundworks) Include Full cockpit views, Panel and Paint by Mario Coelho. 6.9MB
Fs2002 United Airlines b777-300 - repainted default textures only. . This aicraft was repainted using the default b777. Therefor it is completely compatable with ai traffic is you wish to use it for that. **the file also includes a dedication to the september 11th friends and families of the aircraft that crashed. We all grieve with family and friends** 1MB
ATLAS INTERNATIONAL B757-200 TC-OGA. Repainted textures for Mike Stone's 757, available here if necessary. EMIL AKOGLU. 270K
FS2002 KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-300 TC-MAG Turkish Airlines series. Repaint of Jon Murchison 's Boeing 737-300 in KTHY Virtual Airlines ( colors 24 sided 'round' fuselage, spinning main and nose gear wheels, suspension on main gear, animated surfaces, steer able front gear without rudder moving, 3D Engine Fans, Engine reversers connected to spoilers, Virtual Cockpit with animated wheel, flap selector, gear activator and spoiler arm, FS2002 lighting effects, interactive Inbuilt scenery including: Front Air stairs, Catering Services, Refuelling, Fwd and Rear baggage and cargo loading/unloading, State of the art pushback technology using remote vehicle. Repainted by Abdurrahman Gundogmus. 2.3MB
FS2000/FS2002 KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines MD-90-30 TC-KTB Turkish Airlines series. Repaint of Freeware Flight Group (FFG) 's MD-90-30 in KTHY Virtual Airlines ( colors. Repainted by Abdurrahman Gundogmus. 1.3MB
FS2002 KTHY A320-200 TC-YKB Turkish Airlines series. Repaint of Robert Versluys 's Airbus A320 in KTHY - CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES colors. by Abdurrahman Gundogmus. 972K