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Civil Jets Page 48
FS2002 All Nippon Airways Boeing737-200 Textures only. Requires the Yeo Designs 737 available here. (JA8417) original model was designed by YeoDesigns Group FS2002 Aii Nippon Airways Boeing737-200(JA8417). A Gmax model with 64 sided fuselage, all moving control surface, rolling wheels, moving trim, opening doors, retractable stairs, steerable landing gear, animated struts and reversers, transparent cockpit with 3D pilots, etc. Model by YeoDesigns Group. Repainted by Watanabe & Kubota Aircraft Repaint Group. 1.1MB
EMBRAER EMB-145 - Version 2 - Project for the ERJ-145 of the EMBRAER - BRASIL Model for fs2002 FSDS design and texture J R Lucariny. 680K
YeoDesigns Boeing 737-200 v2 Easyjet Textures Only. (original available above) Repaint for the new YeoDesigns GMAX 737-200 in Easyjet livery. By Alexandre Cadel. 1.5MB
Royal Jordanian 757-200 textures. A repaint of Mike Stones New Gmax 757-200 in the colors of Royal Jordanian. Aircraft name is Princess Eman. Aircraft registration is JY-AFW. You need Mike's 757 here. Repaint by Ali Zied. 225K.
Royal Jordanian L10-11 textures. Repaint of Mr. Mike Stones L10-11 (Tristar) in the colors of Royal Jordanian (Textures only) need Mr. Stones L10-11 here Aircraft name is "HRH Prince Ali" Aircraft by Mr.Mike Stone...Repaint by Ali Zied. 93K
Royal Jordanian 727-200 textures. Repaint of Mr.Mike Stones Boeing 727-200 in the colors of Royal Jordanian.(Textures only) You need Mr.Stones new GMAX 727-200 Pak here. Aircraft is "Princess Salma".....Repaint by Ali ZIed. 195K
FS2002 Air Mauritanie Fokker F28 Original model by Doeke Bakker & FDE by Robert Versluys. Air Mauritanie Repaint by Alexandre Cadel. 892K
BA 747-400 textures only for the default FS2002 744. Ian Niblo. 1MB
FS2002 All Canada Express 727 textures. A repaint of Mike Stone's GMAX 727-200 in the colors of All Canada Express, a Canadian courier and charter cargo company that operates the largest fleet of 727-200 series cargo aircraft in Canada Requires Original aircraft by Mike Stone, repainted by Brian McAninch. 328K
FS2002 BAe 146-300 v5.0. A four engine regional STOL aircraft operated widely throughout the world. An FSDS2 model with typical features including dynamic shine effects. Comes in all the liveries it was seen operating in New Zealand in. Ansett New Zealnd old and new, Qantas New Zealnd and Air New Zealand. Comes with basic panel. By Jon Murchison. 2.9MB