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Civil Jets Page 58
FS2002 Tarom Boeing 737-400 Textures only. Repaint of the default textures of Boeing 734 in Tarom. Author Claudio Dobre. 348K
FS2002 Sabena Brussels Airlines Avro RJ-85. GMAX aircraft Avro RJ-85 in Sabena livery. GMAX Model: Mike Stone. Textures: Claudio Dobre. 636K
FS2002 Volare Airlines Airbus A320-200 GMAX aircraft Airbus Industrie A320-200 in Volare Airlines livery. Realistic sounds are included. GMAX Model: Mike Stone Sounds: Achim Bürger. Textures: Claudio Dobre. 3.6MB
Antonov 124 "Ruslan". Highly detailed G-max model , fully animated, reflection textures Created by Krzysztof Malinowski. 510K
Airbus A320-200 Painted in 'Freeserve' (UK ISP) livery. Original by Mike Stone, repainted by Daniel McNally. 358K
Evergreen Falcon 2000. Mike Stone's Falcon 2000 repainted in a fictional livery for Evergreen International VAC. For use with MSFS 2002 Pro. 509K
Douglas DC-8 Super Series 71F. Faucett Cargo. Original model by the Historic Jetliners Group. FS2k FDE: Michael Verlin FSDS model: Dee Waldron. 2.7MB
Evergreen MD-83 1 - Fictional Livery repaint of the default FS2002 MD-83 for the Evergreen International VAC Charter Division. Full reflective textures uses default 737 panel and sounds. 1.1MB
Text-O-Matic files for a SAS DC-9 in the new livery for use with the FLight 1 Iron Knuckles DC-9. PUBLIC DOMAIN KEVIN JOHNSON. 1.6MB
FS2002 Boeing 777-200 Alitalia I-DISA 40-sided based Variable Sided Fuelage (POSKY Original Technique) Flexing wings, Moving flaperon's,spoileron's,aileron's,elevator's,rudder, and fan blade's ,Tilting bogie's, gear bay's. (All highly detailed) night lighting,flashing beacon's. Designed By Mitsushi Yutaka , Hiroshi Igami Flight Dynamics by Warren C. Daniel. Painted by: Antonio Cossu. 3.8MB