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FS2002 Tobago Express DHC-8-100 Textures only set for the default Dash 8-100 in Tobago Express colours REG#: 9Y-WIZ. Repainted by Sean Marlin. 383K
FS2002 Ultimate 10 Dash 300S The one-place Ultimate 10 Dash 300S can be flown competitively in unlimited class competition. Maybe not in WAC anymore, but in national level and in smaller international competition it is still a winner plane. Includes full moving parts and transparent canopy. Smokesystem added by Sebastian Hecker Originally FS98 aircraft designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Repainted by Sebastian Hecker. 181K
FS2002 P-180 Piaggio Avanti 3 livery pack. Aeronautica Militare, Condor Bizz & "Ferrari". by Massimo Taccoli. Panel by Marco Spada, bitmap by Massimo Taccoli. File AIR byCpt. Steve alias Stefano Caputo. 3MB
Repaint of DE HAVILLAND DASH 8 (default fs2002) in CANADA Coast Guard livery. This aircraft works very well with AI traffic. By Regia Corte Raffaele. 417K
FS2002 Pro Shorts SD3-60-300 36 Pax Twin Turboprop Transport. Gulfstream International Airlines Reg# N831BE With full moving parts and dynamic night lighting. Design by Barry Blaisdell Paint: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 337K
FS2002 PRO Dehavilland DASH8-312 9Y-WIZ of Tobago Express This aircraft operates the air bridge between Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. Full moving parts, night effects and animated textures. Aircraft design & artwork by Barry Blaisdell Livery & night effects by Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 355K
REPUBLIC SEABEE ALASKAN BUSH CHARTERS " CB4ME !" This is a repaint of the great little Seabee designed by John Woodward. The model of this version (ABC) was reworked, with permission of the original author, by James Bond. It now supports 2 sided visuals. This is a fun little plane to fly. Great STOL performance and has been a missing subject in the bush. This aircraft is optimized for FS2002 Pro. Thanks to both John and James for their work on this plane. Don Moser. 5.2MB

FS2002 STD/PRO ALBATROSS HU_16B HAF package This is a model for Fs2002 of the famous amphibious plane used by many operators. The model here presented shows the original version with two piston radial engines as once used by the Hellenic Air Force. The model made with Gmax features full moving parts with a realistic rendered motion of the main gear, a nose wheel steering and rolling wheels,reflections maps (three versions),panel,and spesial sounds. Panel, Textures, Air file,Model and special sounds by Anthony Konstantinidi. 20MB

Update- 1.5MB

FS2002/Pro Vulcanair (Ex Partenavia) OBSERVER 2 The model shows the highly successful Italian light twin used by Italian Police for traffic control. The FSDS model have all moving parts, rolling wheels and a virtually rendered internal cabin. Realistically made virtual cockpit and panel with default FS gauges. Original model & dynamics, by Massimo Taccoli, textures by Gerardo Taccoli. Original panel by Marco Spada. Copyright Massimo Taccoli. 1.9MB
FS2002 Pro Shorts SD3-60-300 36 Pax Twin Turboprop Transport. Loganair of Scotland in 2 Liverys British Airways Reg ID: G-BNYI & G-BPFN Updated ver6 design and FD with Improved textures and dynamic night lighting Design & Tartan Paint by Barry Blaisdell, Union Paint by Frasier Young. 298K