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Props Page 24
FS2002 Antonov AN-28 Amphibian. An FSDS aircraft with full moving parts, a virtual cockpit and a custom panel with custom gauges. The aircraft is a true amphibian in FS02. By Chuck Dome. 555K

NASA DHC-6 300 for FS 2002 A repaint by Bill Mullins of Steven Grant's outstanding DeHavilland DHC-6 300 Twin Otter in authentic NASA Livery. Includes a Panel by Fred Choate and Scott Macmillan's LoadOtter program. This is a Complete aircraft. 6.5MB
FS2002 Pro Shorts SD3-30-200 STOL Transport. G-BITX of Guernsey Airlines circa 1984. Guernsey is one of the picturesque Channel Islands, part of the UK, but close to the northern coast of France. With full moving parts and dynamic night effects including a moving rear baggage door via the spoiler key. Design & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell, Guernsey Paint: Bob May, Premier Aircraft Design. 312K
Fix for the ALBATROSS HU_16B HAF. This package fix and update the file ( http://simviation.com/1/download?file=HU_16BAlbatross.zip ) in prop's category page 21. By Anthony Konstantinidis. 1.5MB
Piper Seminole Twin Engine. Made with FSDS for FS2002. This aircraft has a cruise speed of 170 knots and a range of 665 nm with a service ceiling of 15,000 ft. This is the perfect twin engine to step up to after flying single engines. Very smooth flying and handling. Mostly default gauges and a custom panel. Moving parts and transparent cockpit. Panel and aircraft by Steve Pilkington. 407K
4 repaints of the GMAX FS2002 STD/PRO ALBATROSS HU 16B HAF Package done by Anthony Konstantinidi, it is available here . 3.7MB
FS2002 COMAIR Pro Shorts SD3-30-200 Twin Turboprop STOL Transport. COMAIR Reg N2630A, circa 1980's with full moving parts and dynamic night effects including a moving rear baggage door via the spoiler key. Design and Original Artwork: Barry Blaisdell, Comair: Bob May, Premier Aircraft Design. 279K
Beachcraft Duke 60 FS2002 and Pro Excellent Beechcraft Duke with full moving parts and FSDS lighting also includes kneeboard checklists. Painting in Dominicana de Aviación - . Original By Chuck Dome Repaint by Edward Santos. 218K

Albatross HU-16T!!! After your request I made it. I draw this airplane, which is a remake of HU-16A with turbo prop engines. The package include: High resolution textures with reflections, (Ocean, Chalk's, Corona Extra, and BLANK!!!, so you can repaint with your own textures if you wish), Full moving parts, panel, and checklist. I want to have a small file, that's why I used default sounds, and most of the default gauges as well. The 3Dmodel, panel & airfile, was made it by Anthony Konstantinidis © 2002, (TONOI's team). Special textures by Fillio Kiamou © 2002, (TONOI's team). 7MB

Cessna 150H - 2 models, 3 liveries FS2002 and PRO. MODEL: Alex Eylerts, Claudio Rojas and Harald Huber. ANIMATIONS: Claudio Rojas FD(Flight Dynamics): Harald Huber and Claudio Rojas. Textures Alex Eylerts. 6.4MB

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