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The Pilot Centre (EGLD, Denham, UK) Malibu Meridian. Malibu Meridian model by Mike Stone This is a repaint of The Pilot Centre (TPC), which is a flying school situated at Denham Aerodrome...TPC do not have a fleet of Piper Malibu Meridians, however this repaint uses one of their C152's registrations (G-BMTJ). G-BMTJ is a C152 that I have been lucky enough to fly in real life!. You can visit TPC's website by going to the following URL... www.egld.com/tpc. Repainted by Ashley Flynn. 521K
BEECH 1900D Evergreen International Virtual Air Cargo FOR FS2002 PRO This model was created by Mike Stone in GMAX and was repainted by Tom Dennis with permission per original readme instructions. The original author Mike Stone retains every and all copywrites to this design. Copywrite statement included in original readme file. This is a fictional livery repaint for Evergreen International Virtual Air Cargo Training Division. Repaint by Tom Dennis. 750K
EVERGREEN INTERNATIONAL PIAGGIO P180 AVANTI for fs2000pro/fs2002pro This is a fictional repaint for evergreen international VAC Corporate division www.eiavac.org Piaggio P- 180 Avanti is a twin turboprop powered businness aircraft. The major design feature of this aeroplane is the use of a three lifting surfaces. first flight was made on 9\/23\/1986. First production aircraft rolled out on May 1990 FSDS model by Massimo Taccolin and textures by Tom Dennis. 1.6MB
Cessna 172 Professional Air. Escuela de Aviacion, Lima, Peru. Original default aircraft repainted by Alfonso Patron. 1.9MB
FS2002 Cessna 310. An FSDS2 aircraft with moving parts, a custom panel, custom gauges and a dynamic virtual cockpit. This is an update of the FS2000 version. By Chuck Dome. 1.1MB
Piper Comanche 250 repaint. Rre-painted version of Chuck Dome's Comanche 250 This also comes with 2 blank textures for painters to experiment. Design by Chuck Dome Textures by Alex Urquhart. 1.1MB
FS2002 1939 Waco Model "E" This was the "Aristocrat" and the last of a long line of Waco biplanes. This FSDS2 project has moving parts, transparent windows, nav lights, a pilot figure and a bit of a specular color shine. The panel is J. L. Stubbs Waco panel which has been modified to add a moving control yoke. By Paul Clawson. 966K
HU-16 Albatross Corona is a tropical delight that boasts a hybrid paintjob that I created based on a Pan Am Airbridge design I once saw and my own creative influences. I have based the aircraft on Cozumel Island as that is my hang-out of choice South of the border. Original aircraft GMAX design by Greg Pepper. Water landing wake and spray effect by Jolian Light. Engine sounds provided by Aaron R. Swindle's Skysong Soundworks (C-47). FS2k2 Seaplane flight dynamics and Corona re-paint by Scott Roy. 4.2MB
Grumman HU-16 Albatross Bahamas Air. Original aircraft GMAX design by Greg Pepper. Re-paint by Scott Roy. 3.1MB
FS2002 Grumman HU-16 Albatross USAF. This is an all new original model of a 60's era U.S. Air Force search and rescue Grumman HU-16 Albatross. The model was created and animated with g-max. It contains moving parts, virtual cockpit w/working gauges and controls, transparent cockpit windows and custom panel. Model has been tested with FS2002 Pro and can be taken off and landed on land or water. Model, animation, panel & textures by Greg Pepper. 1.6MB