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FS2002 BritJet Aerostar with B-58 Panel by John Consterdine. This aircraft is used with thanks to all who helped develop it For BritJet use. Repaint by John Brennan. 3.8MB
FS2002 Project GlobeTwotter DHC6-300 Twin Otter. Air Jamaica Express Reg_ID 9V-JMV. This aircraft flys daily flights between Kingston and Montego Bay. Includes New Panel Layout, Views and Aircraft plus New Checklist and Reference list in HTML Format, and Exit Door sounds. The d6skybus.zip base file by Premier Aircraft Design must be installed before using this aircraft. FSUIPC3.X (Free ver OK) is required for the TCAS to operate. Model made completely in Gmax with wing views, dynamic shine, full suspension, Operating Exit, Cargo doors etc. Project by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell, Samy Fay and Bob May. 8.1MB
FS2002/ 2004 Hummelbird. This is an all-aluminium homebuilt aircraft powered by a half VW engine. It is a marvelous aeroplane that flies like magic. It was designed by Morrey Hummel. I bought one and I have flown about 80 hours on it. It is stable, fast, inexpensive, easy to maintain, almost too good to be true. This model was built by Newton Drumond with a little help from Fern Marques (me), and I can tell you that it flies just like the real one! It features all moving parts, and the panel texture is a photo of my real one. Sound is the Sopwith Camel, very similar to a VW cut in half, indeed. Just unzip into any temporary folder and move to your "Aircraft" folder. 907K
FS2002 Project Globe Twotter DHC6-300. Scilly Skybus G-CBML and G-BIHO. With a new Ver 4.1 Panel and Sound Package. Includes all the latest Mods and will automatically update the Original d6skybus file by Premier Aircraft Design.The two aircraft included, are a DHC6-300 Twin Otter made completely in Gmax with wing views, Exit doors, dynamic shine, full suspension, etc. This file supersedes all other skybus files. FSUIPC 3.X required for the TCAS to operate. Project by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell, Samy Fay and Bob May. 17.7MB Filename: d6skyb41.zip
FS 2002 Alitalia Vickers 785D Viscount Textures only. One of the 18 Vickers Viscount which operated in Alitalia livery from 1956 to 1961. Original by Rick Piper . Repaint by Alessandro Mascardi. Requires original (here) 927K
FS2002 Royal Danish Air Force KZ-III Textures only. These are textures by Jens B Kristensen for Mike Stones nice little KZ-III. The Royal Danish Air Force (Flyvevåbnet) had two KZ-III's in service 1946-1950 for communication duties. You must download the plane itself from Mike Stones website: www.pmstone.com 442K
FS2002 -- Aeroworks ARX-5 Competition Refit. The ARX-5 (Concept 5) is a single seat aerobatic concept aircraft built around the 750hp Orenda V-8 aircraft engine. This FSDS2 model contains animations, reflections, and a full dynamic virutal cockpit. Although it is not a real aircraft it does have several real-world components such as the Sierra Flight Systems EFIS display, and the new Hartzell "scimitar" swept blade propeller. Aircraft, effects, and panel by Jason L. Terry. 1.9MB
FS2002 Su-29 Vytautas Lapenas Flight School Textures only. Requires SU-29 Blue here. A repaint for Su-29 (su29blue.zip). Registration LY-ASI. Airplane is repainted in Vytautas Lapenas Flight School livery. It is used for aerobatic training. Lithuanian aerobatic team uses this airplane, and took high places in EAC and WAC with this airplane. Repainted by Mindaugas Latvenas. 811K
FS2002 Default Baron 58 repainted in Spanish VIP short range transport. Repainted by Javier Montes. 1.4MB
FS2002 Cessna 150 Pegasus Flying School Textures only. Requires original G-Force GMax C-150H here. Pegasus flying school is located at Wallan, a short fly away from Melborne. . Aircaft created by Gforce. Repaint by Jake Saw. 1.4MB