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  Civil Jets Page 50
FS2004 Kittyhawk Boeing 737-700 with Winglets Iron Maiden Livery. Model and textures by: Erick Cantu. Flight Dynamics (FDE) by: Shawn Anderson. Repainted By Anthony Bluffdemon. 3.2MB
FS2004 Sudan Airways Boeing 737-2J8C(A) on a scheduled passenger flight from Port Sudan to the capital city of Khartoum, crashed several minutes after takeoff following a report of trouble from the Captain to Air Traffic Control. One passenger, a two-year-old boy, survived the accident and was listed in good condition. Rest in peace for the unfortunate passengers. Source: Model by Erick Cantu, FDE by Mike Baumann. On request by Muhammad Karrar Repaint by Henry William. 2.9MB
FS2004 South African Airways Boeing 737-800. A highly detailed paint of South African Airways on the Kittyhawk 737-800. Paint is 32-bit for high quality and alpha for that new shiny look.Custom windows and dirt effects added. Includes aircraft and textures. By AJ Nikoley. 2.6MB
FS2004 Kittyhawk Lauda Boeing 737-800, which includes full moving parts, dynamic shine, custom lighting, scratch-built visual model using the latest technology from GMAX, custom textures. All new never been flown before flight dynamics, tested by a 737 rated commercial pilot. Model and textures by: Erick Cantu. Flight Dynamics (FDE) by: Shawn Anderson. 32 bit textures used on the fuse for extra detail and dxt3 used everywhere else to make her frame reate friendly, and reduce the download time. Delta repaint by Steve Drabek. 2MB
FS2004 SGA MD-81 Aero Republica Columbia , HK4265X. Model by Erick Cantu / SGA Textures by Chris Trott. Repaint by Julio Munoz Ramirez. 1.7MB
FS2004 South African Airways Boeing 737-800 ZS-SJJ Textures only. repaint for Erick Cantu's Kittyhawk B737-800 (requires any full aircraft - above). This is a 32-bit hand drawn repaint of ZS-SJJ and is accurately painted to represent the plane as it appears in the world today. This archive contains textures only and requires my ZS-SJE repaint package "". Repainted by Philip Foglar. 857K
FS2004 Jetsgo MD-83 (DC-9 Super 83) . Original model created by SGA/Eric Cantu, repainted by Shane Strong. 1.3MB
Jetsgo MD-83 for AI FS2004 AI use. Repainted By: Shane Strong Original By: FSPainter. 329K
Jetsgo Fokker F100 for FS2004 AI use (low poly models) . Models features 8 LOD's - dynamic shine - moving gears, flaps, spoilers and thrust reverse. Repainted By:Shane Strong Original By:Fernando MARTINEZ. 429K
FS2004 Fedex Falcon 20 Textures only. Mike Stone's Falcon 2000 painted as a Fedex Falcon 20 Requires Mike's original file here Textures by Geoff Chambers. 133K