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FS2004 ATR42-500 Air Dolomiti . Aircraft created by Francisco Sánchez-Castañer. Repaint in Air Dolomiti colours by Maximos Sevastopoulo. 12.1MB

FS2004 Bellanca Scout 8GCBC. A two seat, tandem configuration utility category STOL aircraft that is fully spinnable in FS2004. Features a Regular Scout, Tundra tires, floats and ski versions. Initial release features 4 custom paint jobs. Custom gauges by Mike Wagner; sounds by Aaron Swindle. Features full moving parts and special openings. See readme for details. From the makers of the Bellanca Super Decathlon. By the Long Island Classics Design Team. 18.5MB

FS2004 Bellanca Scout 8GCBC Float Texture Fix Well yet again this got past our beta testers. The orange and red paint schemes on the floats had blue secondary fins. This is a small fix and self install much like the original. 543K

FS2004 Project Globe Twotter DHC6-300. Scilly Skybus G-CBML and G-BIHO. With a new Ver 4.2 Panel and Sound Package. Includes all the latest Mods and will automatically update the Original d6skybus file by Premier Aircraft Design.The two aircraft included, are a DHC6-300 Twin Otter made completely in Gmax with wing views, Exit doors, dynamic shine, full suspension, etc. This file supersedes all other skybus files. FSUIPC 3.X required for the TCAS to operate. Project by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell, Samy Fay and Bob May. 17.5MB Filename:
FS2004 Dehavilland Dash8-Q200 Factory Demonstrator. 37 seat turboprop regional airliner. Factory Demonstrator Reg: C-FBCS This is the default MS Dash8 remapped in Gmax for proper texture orientation and includes a new Flight Model, HTML Check / Ref lists and new Master Textures Should work in FS2002 Pro also. Also includes a PSP layered template for ease of repainting. By Premier Aircraft Design. 1.2MB
FS2004/2002 Default Mooney Mod: Upgrades handling to a Riley Skyrocket cfg. This mooney has a 330 hp engine in it! 7K
FS2004/2002 Kingair B200 of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, Full Package. VH-MVL in medical configuration. All new GMAX model for FS2002 or FS2004. Includes full medical interior. Stretcher off loads and ambulance arrives to pick up your patient! Fully animated landing gear, flaps and doors. Includes dust effects when landing on dirt. This version does have a functioning virtual cockpit. ***If using in FS2002, you need the Professional edition. If using the standard edition you will need to download a kingair panel. By Mike Hill. 5.2MB
FS2002/2004 Cessna Caravan Amphibian default repaint Navy blue and Black, textures only. This Repaint of the default Cessna Caravan Amphibian is presented in Navy blue and Black Livery. It is easy to install and will have you flying it every time. Enjoy. Bracken Dawson. 1.2MB

FS2004 VASP Vickers Viscount 800. FSDS2 Model by Rick Piper,VASP colours by Luiz Foernges,Original panel by Saverio Maurri, Sounds by Fraser A. McKay,Panel modifications by Paulo Afonso Pizzato. Reflective textures, full animation, rolling wheels etc. Superb FSDS2 model of this classic British Turboprop airliner. 21.6MB

Update - How to fix the Gauges bug. 426K