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CFS3 Misc Page 1
CFS3 RED TRACERS effect. More realistic red tracers for CFS3, as opposed to the standard white. Better visibility in the daylight. By Chuck Dyer. 8K
Supadetail! replacement railway track textures for CFS3, release 1.0 IMPORTANT: Read the installation instructions carefully, this is not straightforward As-is the railway tracks are at least two times too big in CFS3, these textures correct that. Due to the smaller size small misalignments may become more noticeable (for example when tracks enter a railway station) but they're not too bad unless you're looking for them. I expect I'll update these textures when the Scenery SDK becomes available, so consider these almost like a preview version. 45K
Color Tracers. This adds new tracer colors to CFS3. You pick a color from the zip folder and install it (instructions in readme). Make sure you back up your files first. You can pick from yellow, red, green, blue, and purple. Enjoy Ben Blohn. 128k
CFS3 Tactical Map. 226K
CFS3 Light Effects Upgrade. Improved Light sources for Tracers and Flak. + a Bigger & Brighter Sun. 175K
Hogan's Heros theme for use as uimusic in Cfs3. Compiled by Daniel Hedge. 610K
CFS3 Smoke Modifications. File contains 2 types. 1) Steam and black smoke 2)Mostly black smoke. Moving vehicle dust and smoke are darker with this..looks like diesel exhaust.(nice on tanks!). David Duston. Crop-Duster. 552K
Black Sheep Replacement Theme Music. This file is for different intro music for cfs3. I was a big fan of Black sheep Squadron and for us who love flying the corsair, this only seemed right. Kevin Becker. 4.2MB
CFS3 Speed and Vapor Trails for Fighters and Condensation Trails for Bombers by Luca Festari aka SixGhost1 based on the ones created by Giovanni "Nanni" A. Cignoni available at his site. 79K
CFS3 Stock Ships converted to Facilities - unzip into your facilities folder. They will then be available for use in Mission Builder or in any missions created with them. Capt Black. 7K
CFS3 New Target Brackets in 3 different forms and colors (red-green-blue). Each file was Tested and is fuctional. Johann Steve Contreras 220K
CFS3 Splashscreen from "Spitfire Country" by Nicholas Trudgian. By Johann Steve. 1.1MB
CFS3 Swap Utility .... No description provided but instructions enclosed. 558K