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CFS3 Misc Page 2
German Flag Correction. These files are made to make the German flag more correct for CFS3 in that time period. I'm a stickler for realism. Over write the DDS file in your stock g_flagpole folder, and over write the Bitmap image in your stock ger folder from your stock uries folder.And welcome to my Politically correct realism. Peter J. Dowling. 522K
CFS3 Stick Map. Improvement on my older cfs_map.zip This is a Joystick configuration file. Namely a CH HOTAS MAP file for MS CFS3. Includes high quality blank templates for making your own CH map diagrams. HOTAS: CH Products Pro Throttle USB, Pro pedals USB, and Fighterstick USB. Uses toebrakes, has an example using the new CH CMS scrript coding. Mapping by Bill King. 259K
German 109's Sound For CFS3 ! I'm tired of all the German 109's sounding like a bunch of glorified Lawnmowers. I re-wrote the sound file to make it sound more like a Hand cranked Started Bf 109. I especially like the Flyby sounds. Overwrite the Wave Sound in your stock sound folder, This sound will make all the ai Fighters sound more realistic. Overwrite the Sound folder in your stock bf_109g_6 folder.These sounds improve the game. They sound more like the real thing! Peter J. Dowling. 7MB
Fw190 sound for CFS3 ! I mixed differen't sound bytes to get it as real as I could get it.I'm tired of the Fw190's sounding like a big Garbage Grinder. Just overwrite the stock fw_190a_5 sound folder with this one...then Wahoo! If you liked my other sounds... You'll like this one. Peter J. Dowling. 5MB
CFS3 Key Commands. This document is in Excel, Word and Notepad formats. I thought this might be a help for everyone in playing CFS 3. Enjoy and if you have any comments or questions please e-mail me. Kevin Ryan. 18K
CFS3 For All Systems! Hints & Tips of how to get CFS3 to run smoothly & effectively on your PC system! By RAAF453_Shep CO. 719K
CFS3 RAF/RAAF WW2 ENSIGN - REPLACEMENT BRITISH FLAG History This is the Ensign which flew over RAF and RAAF installations during the Second World War. by Daniel Leahy. 221K
CFS3 6 Group Squadrons. This zip file includes the Badges of all the Squadrons of 6 Group From 1943 to 1945. By Garth Barber. 897K
CFS3 weapons- and gun-files Here are the barrel armaments of the flying world for CFS3 up to 1945. It is the first edition. By Hilmar Rülke. 501K